“PINK” Locket Shows South Hill Design’s Passion for Innovation

By | January 3, 2014

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Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) February 04, 2013

South Hill Designs, a new jewelry company, has just announced a first-of-its-kind creation called the “PINK.” The silver-toned locket is ringed by pink Swarovski crystals, creating a colorful and sparkling circle around the locket’s contents.

The PINK locket is unusual not only for its crystal embellishment, but also for the choice of sizes, including a “mini” which is a mere 0.75 inches across. The locket is the latest addition to the “Wear Your Story” line of jewelry that is the specialty of South Hill Designs. Customers select from a range of charms to place inside the locket, to express their particular interests. Each PINK Locket comes with its own 18-inch chain.

“Our customers were already raving about our silver mini,” says Chief Operating Officer Joe Ochoa, “because lockets of that size and quality are impossible to find. The addition of high quality crystals has proved an instant hit.”

The idea for the new locket came from the company’s Director of Design, Tamara Ochoa, who is also responsible for the charms that customers choose from. Under her guidance, South Hill Designs has tripled its range of charms in the first three months of operation, from 90 to 270.

Tamara Ochoa says: “Most of all, we aim for a sweetness in the design and exquisitely well crafted pieces.”

The company believes that by continually introducing new ideas in its jewelry offering, it can maintain the level of excitement of its early distributors and keep building a nationwide customer base.

“The idea of innovation is usually associated with hard science and high technology,” says CEO Brian Palmer. “But innovation can also be tender, sparkling and fun—like our Pink Locket.”

About South Hill Designs

South Hill Designs is a jewelry company that enables women to assemble their own jewelry from a selection of lockets, charms, coins, chains and droplets. The company’s products are marketed by independent distributors, known as Artists, through private parties held in customers’ homes. The company started in October 2012 and is currently in pre-launch mode. Full launch is scheduled for the end of February 2013.

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