Prison Tattoos

By | August 24, 2013

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Prison tattoos are not a modern concept; there is actually evidence demonstrating that they were used during the ancient Egyptian era.

Explanation of the russian mafia tattoos


Just one of the very most unforgettable pictures coming from eastern promises is definitely the glimpse we have regarding mobster’s elaborate hand tattoos.

These types of body art certainly are a types of artwork can’t which send out every member’s affiliations, prison time, expertise, ideologies…

Thank goodness a very good friend of mine does have the decoder ring it’s known as the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia by “Danzig Baldaev”.

The following is a great decryption from the above inked hand:


1. 5 dots: 4 watchtowers and me. (I have been in prison)
2. MIR: the abbreviation which means the russian term for peace, but that stands for “shooting is going to change me.
3. cat’s head: a thieves’ sign
4. LARA: a girlfriend’s name
5. several convictions
6. little finger: anarchist
7. 3rd finger: total orphan, ‘rely on nobody but yourself’
8. middle finger: found guilty for brigandage
9. forefinger: a ‘leninist’ bandit. leader associated with a gang of expropriators
10. PEGA: a nickname

Just like lots of the tats worn by inmates these days, this kind of body art is very meaningful.

For instance, king and also pyramid tats were used on people who ended up being really dangerous, like assassins, rapists…

Prison tats are also used around the globe, particularly in Japan, Mexico and Russia.

Likewise lots of the gangs whose members get identifiable tattoos have existed for more than a century.

Since tats are more and more popular and are considerably more well-accepted in today’s world, some layouts and representations once restricted to “prison or jail tattoos” tend to be used in general situations as well.


Additionally, prison tattoos usually are meant to allow the person wearing them to show their expertise, abilities, and beliefs like the Russian prison body art.

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