Private Garbage Collection Companies

By | January 20, 2014

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People who move to an area with no town waste disposal service need to find a private garbage removal service, and fast! Trash can pile up, and time is of the essence when it comes to waste disposal companies. Make the best and most cost-effective decision possible by asking a lot of questions of any potential private garbage collection company.

Two Options for Residential Garbage Removal

Those without the option of utilizing city or town waste removal services need to consider the two available alternatives: they can haul their trash to the waste transfer station themselves, or they can hire out a private garbage disposal and removal service. The chief considerations with either method are namely, cost and convenience.

Questions to Ask a Private Trash Disposal Service

If a town has no public garbage collection, chances are that there are a handful of professional private garbage collection companies serving the area. Scour the white pages, the Internet, and ask friends and neighbors who they use for their trash removal. Contact a number of companies and ask about:

  • Pricing information
  • Payment plans (monthly, weekly, or yearly)
  • Whether recycling is offered and if it costs extra
  • Pickup days and times, including weeks with holidays
  • Where to set out garbage
  • Regulations on the type or size of container used to hold trash
  • Rules about “special collections” (large, bulky, or heavy items like appliances, furniture, and electronics)

Before signing any contract with any residential trash pickup service, ask friends and neighbors who they use. There is a lot of variety in both price and customer service between different garbage pickup companies, so make sure to shop around. Getting stuck in a lengthy contract with a company that routinely cuts corners or surprises customers with hidden rules is a bad idea.

Buying a Pass to the Waste Transfer Station

Cities without public garbage pickup have a local transfer station, where waste is collected to be brought to a landfill. Instead of hiring a private trash collection service, some people opt to bring their trash to the transfer station themselves. This option is cheaper than a private service, but is more time-consuming and requires that trash be transported in one’s personal vehicle.

Depending on the transfer station, private individuals can buy monthly or yearly passes to drop off their garbage. People who choose to do this need to first find out:

  • Operating hours of the transfer station
  • Price of the pass and how cost is assessed (monthly or yearly)
  • Whether there is an additional charge per bag
  • How trash must be packaged/bagged
  • Applicable limits on amount of trash that can be dropped off
  • Off-limits types of garbage
  • Extra charges for special collections items
  • Options for recycling

Moving to a new town only to find out that there’s no public trash pickup can be startling to some people. In that case, they have two options: hire a private garbage contractor or haul it to the transfer station themselves. The pros and cons of each option must be evaluated before making a decision.

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