Pubic Hair Removal Methods For Anal Hair

By | January 31, 2014

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Listen up everyone before jumping in at the deep end to remove your anal hair. Serious thought has to be given to the matter. Why do women embarrass or lose self esteem over having a hairy bum when no one can see it. Remember some sexual partners may be turned on by this. Also body hair is there for a purpose. Nonetheless if it deeply concerns you then remove it. It is not the easiest of places to reach with a razor. Your sense of direction when using a mirror for guidance is not always a 100%. The safest way to remove bum hair is to have an expert shave or wax it for you. Why do we assume and okay the fact that it is natural for men to have a hairy chest and bum? But if hair round the anus is found on a woman it is looked upon as abnormal, when in fact it is not.

To call: Remove receiver. Listen for humming sound...

‘Brazilian Waxing’ refers to partial genital hair removal, whereas ‘Hollywood Waxing’ refers to total removal which is the more ideal if wanting to rid bum hair. Genital hair removal includes areas around the anus, perineum and vagina. Waxing is fast becoming increasingly popular for men. Male grooming is a strong market.

Before reaching for the trimmer/scissors consider matters of importance.

1. Confide in your partner about the changes you want to make. This will help with any issues of uncertainty.

2. Pubic hair dispels excess moisture by keeping a layer of air between genitals and underwear. If the private parts are to be hair free it means you will need to wear breathable materials. Lack of air ups the risk of a yeast infection.

For absolute baldness consider shaving/waxing. A neat trim will include using scissors or trimmers. There is a huge difference between methods used for removing pubic hair. Knowing how to conduct each process will prove to be valuable.

Trimming is done with scissors or trimmers. Scissors work, but take a while and require dexterity. A good beard trimmer with an adjustable guard will allow you to shave pubic hair to a uniform length in no time. Speed is not recommended, nicks and cuts are common along with accidents of much seriousness if you are not careful.

Shaving is pretty straight forward; however it can cause irritation to the skin around the vagina and anus.

A new razor must be used every time. Have at arms length hair conditioner, shaving cream or gel. Shaving should be done in the bathroom. Any other room can have someone walk in on you.

1. Soak the genitals with hot water to soften skin and pubic hair. Gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

2. Cut long pubic hair as near to the flesh. (Ouch be careful) This makes shaving easier. Using hair conditioner lather up the area ready for shaving.

3. Using one hand pull the skin taut, with the other slowly start to shave the hair moving in the direction of hair growth, not against. Clean the razor after every stroke to clear stuck matted hair on the blades

4. Once finished lightly rub an ice cube over to close up open pores, pat dry and moisturize

Men and women seem to prefer waxing even though painful, however each to their own. Pubic hair takes longer to grow back than it would if shaved. Waxed pubic hair can take anywhere from two to four weeks before it starts re-growing. Home waxing is ideal for some – but bear in mind that the experts are faster and have the best equipment. Home waxing kits can be purchased at any chemist.

Try making a simple sugar solution instead of waxing.

2 cups white sugar

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