Questions about tattoo and tattoo ink?

By | February 3, 2014

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So, i am contemplating getting a tattoo. However, i'm not good with needles so i did some research into semi permanent tattoo pens and wondered if that was the way to go and just go over it on a daily basis or so? Would that work?

Another alternative i was wondering if i was to buy real tattoo ink and draw with that on my skin, would it be permanent? Would that actually work, by giving me a tattoo without the pain?

Please let me know any solutions 🙂

Tattoo ink will not “stain” your skin, so drawing one with real ink would NOT be permanent. It has to be injected below the epidermis to be permanent. I have never heard of the pens; unless you are referring to henna? I'm sure if you REALLY want to, sure, you could go over it on a daily basis, but do you really have the desire let alone the time to dedicate that much daily for years?

Getting a tattoo is really not that painful; I am terrified (almost to the point of a phobia) of needles; I have to close my eyes and look away before I even see the needle to IV's, drawing blood, or shots, but I have 24 tattoos. It's no where near the same, and most places on the body are not painful. Your spine and similar areas are going to be painful, however there are plenty of spots that actually felt good for me. (My calf was my favorite spot!) It feels more like a tingling, and you can feel it vibrating whatever part of your body you are getting done. Kinda neat feeling to me anyway! 🙂

Whoa whoa whoa, on MRSA, staph, hep, etc. If you are going to a REAL tattoo artist in a legitimate licensed shop, they should be using one time use EVERYTHING with low to no chance of infection. The guy I go to used one time use needles, one time use ink cups, even one time use parts to his tattoo gun. Everything that is too expensive for one time use gets put into a sterilization machine (right in front of you) after every single tattoo, plus all parts are covered with new plastic for protection every single time. Of course ANY time you get an open “wound” such as a tattoo, scratch, cut, whatever, there is always a chance of infection, which can lead to staph or mrsa, but with the correct precautions (such as sterile equipment and proper aftercare) your chances are VERY low when getting a tattoo.

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