Removing Skin Tags at Home

By | February 17, 2014

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Skin tags or acrochorda are unsightly, but soft, movable and harmless skin protrusions that pop up repeatedly. Although skin tags are mostly found in creased skin areas (like armpit, neck and groin), they may develop in any part of the body. And when it pops in face or other visible areas, it can be quite disheartening. Often, people wondered ‘can I remove skin tags at home’? If you have the same doubt in mind, then scroll down to find effective ways of removing skin tags at home.

How to Remove Skin Tags Using Home Remedies?

A skin tag resembles a skin flap attached to the skin with a stalk. It develops slowly, and grows to the size of a rice grain. Very rarely, a skin tag reaches ½ inch in size. As per dermatologists, skin tag is a benign tumor that doesn’t change its color over time. However, people get it removed for cosmetic purposes. The safest approach for skin tags removal is making a trip to the doctor’s clinic. But, it is not practical to make frequent visits to doctor for recurrent pop ups. In such cases, you can adopt methods to remove skin tags at home. The following are useful tips for removing skin tags at home.

Tie a Thread

An effectual skin tags home remedy is to tie a strong thread string (or dental floss) tightly around the stalk of the skin tag. Following this, cut the tag immediately above the thread by using a sterile nail clipper or scissors. Similar to the therapeutic method of removing skin tags, this may sound difficult and painful for you, but it is not so. After excising the skin flap, keep the area clean and apply antibacterial cream.

Cover with Duct Tape

One of the simple home remedies to remove skin tags is putting a piece of duct tape over the affected skin area. To adopt this technique of removing skin tags at home, cut small pieces of the tape and use them for covering the tags from all sides. As the tape loosens within a few days, remove it and check whether the flaps have fallen or not. If not, repeat the same steps for removal of skin tag and retain tape pieces for sometime.

Use Nail Polish

It may sound funny, but applying nail polish over the skin tags is another home remedy for removing skin tags yourself. For this method of killing skin tags, purchase a good nail polish brand, and cover the tags with it for 2-3 times daily. With a few days to a week’s time, the skin tags will dry up and disappear on their own, leaving a smooth skin.

Baking Soda Paste

Another method concerning how to remove skin tags is to apply baking soda paste over the tags. This method may take about 2 weeks for prompt result, but is less painful than other remedies. Make a consistently thick paste of baking soda and castor oil. Apply it several times a day, and you will notice the skin tags drying up and falling on their own without causing any adverse effects.

Use Herbal Extract

Effective skin tags home remedies include applying herbal extract over the tags. One such plant-based product is dermisil, that contains active ingredients of three known medicinal herbs (narrow-leaved tea tree, palm-oil plant and thuja). Particularly designed to remove skin tags and alike protrusions, frequent application of dermisil dissolves the skin flap within a short time.

Over the Counter Product

Using skin tags removal over the counter products is another alternative to cutting and other home remedies. There are skin ointments and creams, which are specifically formulated for removing warts and skin tags. Conduct a brief market research and buy the best products for removing skin tags at home. Make sure you go through the user directions first, and follow them stringently.

This is how you can proceed for removing skin tags at home. Some people use vitamin E capsule for skin tags treatment. All you need is put the contents of the capsule in a band aid and apply over the tags. Hopefully, the skin flaps will fall off after some days. In case you are not satisfied with the after results of skin tag removal at home, do not hesitant to seek advice from a trusted dermatologist for treating skin tags.

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