Removing the Google Redirect Virus

By | January 19, 2014

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The Google redirect Virus is one of the latest threats going around the web today, it is usually installed through a trojan. What the Google redirect virus does is hides the google search results and replaces them with ads that are relevant to your search.

I don’t need to tell you how annoying this can be, you could be searching for a way to remove the virus, and just get redirected links, or even more viruses in the process. Which is a major step in the wrong direction.

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The best thing you can do is be prepared ahead of time. With programs or some sort of protection already installed to protect you from getting the virus in the first place, or to assist you in removing It in case it does get in.

There are a few ways to remove the Google redirect virus, most of them are manual, where you have to go through the computer and remove all of the files related to the virus. that can be a daunting task for someone who is not computer savvy. but there is good news, I have stumbled upon a program that will remove the google redirect virus for you automatically. That program is Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool (, it was made specifically for this virus, and I have found it to work amazingly!

I myself have removed the Google redirect virus manually from at least ten or more computers, it is not fun, it is not easy. And it is certainly not fast. It takes time (upwards of 2 hours for the more severe cases). But if you use the Google redirect virus removal tool, you can cut down that time significantly. Although I am a computer tech, I wanted to find a program to remove this virus automatically, not for me, but for my clients. I was being called several times a month asking about virus removing, and 80% of the time the google redirect virus was involved. Now I install the Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool, and even the most computer illiterate of people can remove this Virus without having to take their computer to a shop and paying a ton of money.

If you have ever been effected by this virus you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. Why don’t you just save yourself the hassle and prepare yourself now!

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