Report: Christmas Bloggers Now Invited to Share Santa Claus Stories in Chatwing Chat Rooms

By | February 15, 2014

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Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 11, 2013

Bloggers who are specializing in scary and Christmas topics are now invited by the Chatwing Team to share ghost stories. These interesting stories will be placed in Chatwing’s blogs and chatrooms. The company is certain that the stories can entice users in making Christmas-related conversations; this is an opportunity for making new friends and potential contacts.

Aside from Santa stories, chat software users can also share videos and pictures. ‘Santa’ pictures are also entertained because of their capability of bringing thrills to anyone who opens them. In the cyberspace, there are thousands of Santa pictures that a regular user can find.

Users can also send their blog links in the Chatwing chat rooms. This increases the chance of gaining continuous traffic rate, especially now that Chatwing maintains dozens of chatrooms. Additionally, each chatroom owner has the option to enter chat networks. These networks are niche-based categories that can connect people with the same interests. While the Christmas chat network is not yet created, the widget already has an array of categories to choose from.

Premium features are also available for all users. With these features, Chatwing ensures that the users will have greater website chat experience. These features include: Chatwing logo removal, custom subheader, more background designs, faster social media login, Secure Socket Layer, social sharing removal, and many more. Each premium service costs 1 virtual coin, which is equivalent to 1 dollar. There are numerous available payment options.

Chatwing is always dedicated into bringing innovation to the premise of website online chat software. The company will commit to this goal by improving the featured widget, creating new strategies, and reaching out to large groups of people at all times.

About is a company that has brought innovation to the modern chat widget. Operating for more than five years now, Chatwing and its team of developers have dozens of ideas ready to be introduced to the public. The Chatwing chat app is an easy-to-use online tool that can help web users interact with each other and can also generate continuous traffic. Chatwing will always be a “freemium” application for everyone.

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