Robbie Williams Tattoo

By | July 11, 2013

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Robbie Williams Tattoo – Robert “Robbie” Williams, the UK pop star, isn’t unfamiliar person to tattoo designs.


Robbie seems to have transformed his own entire body right into the best canvas intended for tattoo fine art and possesses samples of just about every typical design and style placed around his body.

His real name is Robert Peter Williams, possesses fourteen tattoo designs tattooed on him (based about how you see them).

Robbie’s initial tattoo design is a Pagan Celtic cross on the right hip bone. That one appeared to be completed when he was performing within Take That.

It is actually intended for protection against evil due to the fact, such as according to him within a TV interview, “he’s got the devil inside him”.

On the left forearm, Robbie Williams tattoo is a significant Maori tribal design within a half sleeve from the shoulder to halfway straight down his biceps.

It is just a combination of gently round waves symbolic representation of the turns and twists in your everyday living. It’s really a nice and sophisticated tattoo design and style, in line with blending spirals.

That Maori tattoo layout shows the situation associated with Robbie living and also was completed from the widely known Netherlands tattoo artistTe Rangitu Netana.

Robbie has tattooed on the abdomen, a few old school tattoo layouts: a set of swallows tats.

Swallow tattoo designs undoubtedly are a symbolic representation meant for freedom and also commitment. Robbie had the swallows tattoo designs completed in around of May 2003.

From his lower back, you will see the transcribing of the musical notes and words of All You Need Is Love, one of the most famous Beatles melody.

Robbie refers to this as tattoo design on the right below forearm the “Christian“. It’s Jesus on the cross together with the Virgin Mary and a few angels. He acquired this tattoo about July 2000 in during the tour in Wellington Capital of New Zealand.

In the neck of Robbie you will see the Eye of Hours tattoo design in order to safeguard him coming from bad spirits. Hours relates to the ancient Egypt falcon god, particular all-seeing eyesight. This tattoo design completed within 2003-2004.


One of the best Robbie Williams tattoo is located his shoulder its a lion head tattoo design. It is an extremely elaborate illustration from a young male lion, probably the most universal symbolic representation associated with strength and virility.

Under the young lion tattoo design you are able to see the terms “Born to be mild”, over it the saying “Elvis, grant me serenity”.

These tattoo designs can also be designed for protection, the same as theCeltic cross layout and Hours tattoo design.


On left while under the arm Robbie Williams tattooed the design from thecoat of arms belonging to the township of Burslem, exactly where Robbie and his family members happen to be residing after he was born.

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