Rooster Tattoo

By | January 13, 2014

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Roosters are the first ones to announce the beginning of morning though most of us aren’t even awake to hear them. According to Chinese astrology, the rooster is the tenth sign in the Chinese zodiac and the people born in the years 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 and 2017 belong to the year of the rooster. Thus people belonging to this sign often like to get rooster tattoos done on their bodies as their zodiac tattoos. There are a number of positive as well as negative traits of this zodiac sign, which inspire people to get this tattoo etched since they think their personality matches this sign.

These tattoos can be made in any size or design and look very majestic when they are large. This is because the feathers of the rooster are very colorful and unique and thus many tattoo artists like to try their colors with these designs. You can get these tattoos absolutely anywhere on your body depending on the size of the designs. Mentioned below are some ideas to help you choose the best tattoo designs, thus take a look.

Tattoo Designs

As mentioned earlier, meanings of rooster tattooing vary from positive as well as negative traits. They can symbolize bravery, generosity, wit, talent and meticulous behavior as well as self involved, fussy and cranky behavior. You might want to know that some Hollywood stars like Melanie Griffith, Britney Spears and Renee Zellweger belong to this zodiac sign in Chinese astrology. Read on to find out the major designs used by many rooster design fans as their favorites.

Fighting Roosters

They exhibit a wide range of colors in their feathers such as red, blue, green, yellow, purple and white. Thus most people avoid black tattoos and instead go for the colored ones. Showcasing these vibrant colors, one of the very famous designs is the fighting roosters. This design is very well-known with a number of people as it is challenging and difficult to draw. Getting every detail of two roosters fighting is quite a job for tattooers which they often find too great a challenge.

The concept of rooster fights is very ancient and comes from the rural cultures of Latin America. It is a bloody sport which is banned in many countries across the globe but is still practiced in some as entertainment for fowl owners and an opportunity to earn quick money. Thus getting these tattoos inked on the body is a sign of bravery and valor for many men. Though not a very supportive issue, many get these tattoos made for the simple reason of style and looks.

Pig and Rooster

Another great design which is also quite famous is the pig and the rooster combination. The meaning of this combined tattoo design states that, if a sailor can’t swim but has a pig tattoo on one leg and a rooster on the other, he will be saved since these animals can swim. Many people like to have this design on their arms or shoulder blades too. No doubt it looks great and gives a very informal and funny look. The pig too is one of the animals in the Chinese zodiac which stands for meek as well as humbleness. Thus, these tattoos are a choice for people belonging to the rooster sun sign and the pig moon sign and vice verse.

These rooster tattoos are done by both men and women depending on what kind of designs they would like to have. Women simply go for plain singular rooster design on their arms or as ankle tattoos while men like it tough, so they prefer fighting roosters on their backs or their biceps. If you have ever wanted to get feather tattoos, a rooster’s feather is one of the best choices you can have due to its colors and elongated shape.

With these ideas, you can definitely get meaningful tattoos for yourself anywhere you want them to be. They look very attractive when they are big and majestic, so think large for your tattoo design.

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