Sexy And Feminine Tattoo Designs For Women

By | January 20, 2014

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Tattoo designs for women are appealing and feminine; they are meant to ooze the female’s charm and persona. Getting tattooed is a form of body art that differentiate a woman from the regular crowd; it is a way of self expression and means of self awareness that states that she is relaxed and in charge of her body. It maybe part of the society’s vogue but unlike other forms, tattoo is permanent and forever and is based wholly on what the wearer thinks is wonderful, cool or suitable for her. Whether its called an art form or part of the society’s craze it is out of the ordinary in many ways; tattoo is permanent and forever and is based wholly on what the wearer thinks is wonderful, cool or appropriate for her style}. And when talking about option of tattoo designs, the female tat enthusiats always go for the typical and all time-favorites; here are some of them:


The language of flowers is out of the ordinary and can be complicated and intricate with the plenty of varieties to from, each one with their own definite meaning depending on several factors such as colors and shapes. In general, a flower is a depiction of charm and beauty. Its vision can also be a depiction of the natural unfolding of life. The most well-liked ones as flower tattoo designs are lotus, chery blossoms, hibiscus, roses and lily.


The butterfly is a wonderful being with wonderful colors and important symbolism. It can be a imagery of the soul’s capability to fly away from the body. It is also known to signify change, transformation and new life. Its appearance from a common cocoon to a alluring butterfly is a common symbol for rebirth. This is reason why women favored butterfly tattoos as they are symbolical of the things that they can speak about to in life.


The heart has always been considered the center, a symbol of the eternal soul. It suggests the person’s soul and magnetic fascination one has for another. It is mostly apply to pay tribute to a loved one and convey the affection she feels. The old school type are usually combined with symbols such as flames, arrows, flowers, cross and crown.


Star tattoo designs can be a statement of a major event or change in one’s being or a desire to accomplish one’s aspiration. It can also be a symbol of shining and bright point in a woman’s life and its there to remind her of that unforgettable event. It can denote several distinct things depending on the wearer themselves as its a very versatile design. Star tattoo art is rendered in a whole lot of ways as constellations or shooting stars. Their meaning also differs depending on how many points they have; examples are octagram, star of david, nautical stars and pentagram.

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