Should i have tattoo removed or will it be okay for the field i hope to pursue?

By | January 12, 2014

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I am starting college this august, i am hoping to one day become a Dr.

'Hope for tomorrow. Strength for today.' #tattoo #tattoos #bird #swallow #rotterdam

I have many years to figure out and solve this issue but dont know what to do.

I have a tattoo on my inner wrist it is about 2-3 inches long; 3 chinese letters

Love, faith and respect.

I am told by many that it is not a big deal because todays generation accepts tattoos more now than ever.

But personally i am not too comfortable with going into a filed like that with a visible tattoo.

I have met with a tattoo removal speacalist who can get the job done in 8 session for about 800$

I will be about 1.5 – 2 year process, but in the end may be worth it.

What should i do.

It sounds as if you think the tattoo should be removed so that is definitely what I would do. Start saving up now- put all your change when you spend money (coins) into a jar. You will be surprised how quickly you can come up with the $800.

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