Should you Tattoo Your Head to Conceal Baldness?

By | February 11, 2014

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Nothing’s more horrifying than watching your beautiful hair fall out by the handsful. Whether you wear your hair short, shoulder length or to the floor, there comes a time when almost all women go through changes, which include thinning hair. Now, thin hair is one thing, baldness quite another. If your hair is falling out so fast you’re becoming bare in places it might be time for radical decisions!

There are products on the market which claim to help restore hair growth, cover balding spots, and even give you a healthier scalp. Maybe you’ve tried some or all of these products without success?

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Of course, wigs are always an option for balding women, but good ones are expensive, and some women just can’t stand to wear them. There are also hair clip-ons now, giving women the option to hide certain thinning areas of the head. But, with the clip-ons, you won’t have much success if there’s no hair there to clip them on to! Some women claim that regrowth syrums do help whereas others try them with no luck. Expensive surgery-type solutions, where hair is plucked from one area of the head, and reattached to a thinning area, are time-consuming and not an option for women who are financially embarrassed.

If you’ve tried alternative solutions, and had little luck or success, then you have an emergency situation on your hands! It could be time for giving thought to unusual choices that may help you put the embarrassment behind you. One of these choices: head tattoos!

That’s right, some women are turning to a non-conventional option that is permanent. Tattoos are all the rage, all over the world, but most people don’t have them drawn on their heads! For some balding women, however, this is the only real solution. Although the tattoos won’t give you extra fullness, or bring your hair back to life, they will cover your shining white head and help your hair look a little less thin.

Dark hair, in particular, can look less thin if you opt for the head tattoos. The tattoos aren’t done in colorful and artsy manners, instead, they’re applied with the intention of having your scalp color blend in with your hair color. This usually means blocks of scalp, colored in with ink in colors of brown, black or even shades of yellow for blondes.

One thing to consider before deciding on the scalp tattoos is the fact that, once your head – or areas of your head – are colored in, you’re stuck with that hair color for life. If you have your head tattooed in shades of black, for example, then your hair turns all gray, you’ll need to continue dying your hair dark brown to black shades in order for your scalp color to blend in. It’s quite a shock to see a caucasion woman with a black scalp and white hair!

It’s important to find a tattoo artist with a good reputation. Ask friends and family, who have body tattoos, to recommend a good tattoo artist. Although it doesn’t necessarily take an artist to do scalp tattoos it’s still important that you hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

Prepare to be somewhat uncomfortable during the procedure. After all, needles are used to inject the ink under the scalp, and repeated injections can cause discomfort and pain.

Plan on making several trips to the tattoo parlor. Many people have one section of the scalp done – and healed – before moving on to the next section. If you don’t have a lot of white scalp shining through, you may require only a couple of sections, which can probably be done in one sitting.

As with many injuries your tattoos will scab over and itch. Try not to scratch the scabs or you could have a hard time healing, and even leave scars. The tattoos will scab over – and heal – in about two weeks. During this time be extra careful with brushing your hair. Ask your tattoo expert about blow drying, hot rollers and other hair treatments. Some may be off limits until the scabs have disappeared.

If you’re facing thinning hair, and even baldness, consider the head tattoos. Although the concept is new and somewhat radical, it will offer you a way to prevent areas of the head from shining through your hair.

Talk to the chosen tattoo artist to discuss how long it will take, what it will cost, and what you can expect from the procedure. Make sure you understand everything before having the work done. When it’s finished, though, you’ll look in the mirror and smile!

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