Shoulder Hope Tattoo

By | February 19, 2014

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Hope tattoo.

Hope tattoo.

This tattoo, “Hope”, took the artist about one hour or so, as I had the piece pre-drawn.

I got it yesterday I love it.

It’s an original work by a friend, and is for my little sister, who’s been diagnosed with Leukemia.

It wasn’t quite as painful as expected, more like a burning sensation.

Pierre Reply:

Hope thats is what many people need.

It is extremely popular to get a inspirational expression or even quote for a writing body art.

I admire folks like you who takes the time and money to get tats for people they care of.

In today’s environment just about everyone is aware of body art.

For certain folk it’s an opportunity to show their feeling for the loved one.

There are plenty of different ways to show love and tattoo is one of them.

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