Shoulder Lettering Tattoo

By | September 11, 2013

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by john

Shoulder Lettering Tattoo

I get this tattoo to make sure to remember that being strong is very important for life

My tattoo is quite creative one don’t you think?

The artist was a french guy from Miaimi Florida.

I did it last December after a loved one pass away.

Pierre Reply:

Its a nice tattoo I like the fonts you choose. Some time life is not so easy and you are right we must be very strong for the people we love .

Whenever confronted with complicated situations, how come some individuals fail and spin out of control on the way to self-destruction while some others make it through and in many cases prosper after the storm is long gone?

Nobody is safe from difficulty, however some folks appear to be able to better deal with and also get over even the almost all intense problems.

Fundamentally of their power is really a way of thinking that enables them to keep on thru.

This is why we have to beleived in being strong.

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