Shoulder Tattoos For Men – The Hottest Spot For a Tattoo

By | December 26, 2013

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Just like a businessman who considers location as the most important part of his business venture, a tattoo enthusiast must also think the same. The shoulders, especially for men, have been seen as the hottest spot for a tattoo which is why shoulder tattoos for men have always gained numerous attention from tattoo artists and bearers.

People normally choose to get inked on their shoulders because it is the most prominent area for a tattoo and it has a big enough canvass for the artist. Some people prefer their tattoos to extend up to the upper arm and the upper back. This is especially true for those who chose large designs for shoulder tattoos for men. Shoulders are also a good place for memorial tattoos where it can hold an image of a person’s face or symbol that can represent a person or a special time in a person’s life.

Many women adore guys with shoulder tattoos for men because the design seems to heighten the beauty of a well-maintained set of muscles. This is pretty much why it is the best and hottest spot for a tattoo. It is simply because of the women who adores it. For them, it is a sign of power and strength especially if the design that a man chooses is something that exemplifies such qualities. A woman would simply swoon to the artistic expression of a man.

There are a lot of designs that look good on a man’s shoulder but the best ones are probably dragons, koi fishes, cross, nautical or Pentagram stars and tribal designs. It is very easy to find a great design as inspiration is basically everywhere. The internet alone is filled with so many designs and your tattoo artist can even help you customize a certain design to fit your personality.

Whether you want to sport a certain design or have words as a declaration of your feelings on your shoulder as a tattoo, you might need to take extra care of your tattoo during summer time when it is all exposed to the sun. To protect its color, you need to put some sunblock with the right SPF. This will ensure that your shoulder tattoos for men will retain the beauty and color for a longer period of time.

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