Show Your Love – For the Love of Tribal Heart Tattoos

By | January 4, 2014

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Tribal heart tattoos are popular among young women. Girls like the colours pink and red, which are often used to shade a heart.

The heart symbol often denotes true love or romantic feelings. But it can also represent mood and personality. The heart tattoo is being highly stylized by having it rendered in a tribal manner. The strokes that characterized tribal tattoos are what make a simple heart emblem interesting.

In the earlier years of tattooing, the heart tattoo is often found on sailors as a tribute to their mother. But lately, tribal heart tattoos are usually just an art work that first timers use as a sampler. This is how they test the waters, so to speak. Still, a simple rendition of this kind of tattoo is very artistic.

Since it’s a tattoo of choice by first timers and youngsters, it is usually placed where it can be less seen. Most common places are the upper back by the shoulder, pelvic area and ankle. Tribal heart tattoos are sometimes commissioned because it is a fad among this age group. The effort of putting a special meaning on such a permanent art work is not what made it popular.

Tribal heart tattoos can be versatile. It can be done in a masculine manner to suit men as well. Since tribal tattoos are often done in black and angled strokes, these make it appealing to men. A greater meaning is placed on this tattoo if a man chooses it, because a man would usually have it done to honour a significant other or his mother.

It is easier to find references for this tattoo design. The internet offers a large number of galleries for tribal heart tattoos. An artist can also easily sketch one. So you can have one done in less than an hour. Considering its simplicity and size, this is also one of the cheapest designs to choose.

The symbolism of the heart should not be lost just because getting a tribal heart tattoo is a fad. The heart is a symbol of love, purity and sincerity. An artist should exert more effort in expounding the client’s idea and come up with a design that will represent a deeper meaning. By doing this, an artist is in a way saving the person from future regret.

If this is a starter tattoo for a youngster, might as well do it the right way, to correct her view of tattoo as a fashion accessory rather than as a body art. The tattoo artist should always take responsibility for his art work and the tattoo industry by helping each client understand the importance of choosing a significant design.

Young people usually have tattoos done as a form of rebellion or because it’s in fashion. And tribal heart tattoos is the safest for them. It’s artistic, fashionable and generally positive. But remember that tattooing is a permanent art. And like all works of art, it has to continue serving its aesthetic function while the person matures.

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