skin tag removal?

By | February 15, 2014

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soo..honestly, how painful is it to cut off a skin tag? Also, does using wart treatment work and what kind?

If you have a skin tag, don't use wart removal! I had a very large skin tag on my inner leg snipped off last month. I had this tag for 16 years and it was about as big as your thumbnail. I took no anesthetic. The doctor took scissors, counted to 3, and snip, cut it off within 2 seconds. I felt a pinching (stubbing your toe is much more painful!) Then, she took a liquid solution to stop the bleeding. This did not hurt at all. Then she put a bandage over it. Okay, I am a baby and suffer from anxiety at any medical anything!!! This was not really painful other than the quick snip was a pinching sensation – but NOT a cutting sensation. I would recommend having it done. You can certainly have a touch of anesthetic if you want. I chose not to have it and it was fine. Good luck, be brave!

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