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By | February 3, 2014

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Tattoos are becoming more and more popular in our society and have become an accepted part of Western culture. Skull tattoos are one of the most common types of tattoos in the world. This article will discuss skull tattoo designs and how to find the best ones so that your tattoo will look amazing.

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A skull tattoo is a permanent marking on the skin made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative reasons in the form of a skull. The art of tattooing is centuries old and has been popular among indigenous people in New Zealand, Japan, South America and Africa. Skull tattoos might not be centuries old, but they have become a popular part of European and North American culture.

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Skull tattoos can be done in both full color or black styles. Black designs are more common, but a great tattoo artist can make colorful skull tattoo designs come alive on your skin. When you are looking for your skull design, make sure that the image is very high resolution. This will help the tattoo artist see it in perfect detail and will translate into a beautiful skull tattoo. Also, take your time when browsing through different designs – the tattoo will stay with you for life, so finding the perfect tattoo design is critical.
Skull tattoo designs also come in different sizes. Some are meant for small tattoos on the wrist or ankle while others are intended for larger applications on the back or upper arm. Wherever you want your skull tattoo on your body, make sure that your chosen design works in that size. With a little research, you can make sure that your skull tattoo looks awesome for years to come.

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