Small Flower Tattoos

By | January 13, 2014

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Tattoos are not merely a way to decorate the body, they are also seen as a medium of self-expression. With so many tattoo designs, choosing a design is really a daunting task, every tattoo looks pretty! To avoid confusion, one must first decide what kind of tattoo he or she wants; should it be an extensive, complex and mysterious design or a cute and small design? Once you decide this, you can search for a tattoo design in the various categories available. For example, tribal and Celtic tattoos fall in the category of extensive tattoos, most of the animal tattoos also fall in this category. On the other hand, most flower tattoos, bird tattoos, star tattoos fall in the category of small tattoos. In this article we will take a look at the most popular category of small tattoos, the flower tattoos.

Small Flower Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The beautiful colors, the fragrance and the soft texture, these are things that inspire tattoo artists to create wonderful flower tattoo designs. The delicacy of the flowers is brought out by petite designs. Here are some small flower tattoo designs for you.

Lotus Tattoo: Lotus flower tattoos come first in the list of small flower tattoos not only because of their colors but because of the meanings attached to them. Almost every culture has a different symbolism. For example, according to Hinduism, the lotus is the symbol of detachment, detachment from the worldly pleasures. This symbolization is based on the indifferent nature of the lotus flower. Though the lotus blooms in mud and dirt, it’s unaffected by it. It grows beautiful and pure in spite of its surroundings. According to Buddhism, different colors of lotus convey different meanings. The red lotus symbolizes the purity of the soul, white is for pure thoughts, pink lotus symbolizes Lord Buddha and the blue lotus symbolizes wisdom and victory. The Lotus is one such flower which can be depicted in any size. As you are opting for a small design, choose a location where the tattoo can easily be seen like the nape or bicep.

Hibiscus Tattoo: The Hibiscus tattoo is one of the most loved flower tattoos! And why not, hibiscus is so delicate and full of vibrant colors that anybody would like to get a hibiscus flower tattoo done! Hibiscus is the state flower of the Hawaiian islands. The Hawaiian people consider hibiscus as the symbol of purity, beauty and loyalty. Due to its short bloom, they also consider hibiscus as the symbol of life. Talking about hibiscus colors, yellow is one of the most popular colors for tattoo designs. However, other colors can also be used. Do not use a pale color as it won’t be noticed easily, use bright colors like red and purple which will make the tattoo stand out. This is one of the small flower tattoos for foot or the biceps. When a hibiscus flower is accompanied with a delicate vine, it becomes a beautiful medium-sized tattoo design.

Rose Tattoo: How can one not mention the most popular flower! Rose tattoos are one of the most common flower tattoos. As we all know, a rose is the symbol of love and passion. But that’s not it, a rose is also considered to be the symbol of the Virgin Mary! Just like lotus, different colors of roses have different meanings. For example, a red rose is the symbol of beauty, a pink rose for friendship and gentleness, a black rose is the symbol of death, white for peace and blue for beauty. So you can get any of these designs as per your choice.

These were some of the small flower tattoos for girls. Whichever design you opt for, do take proper tattoo care as only then will you be able to flaunt these beautiful flower tattoo designs!

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