Some Body Art Designs To Consider For New Tattoos

By | January 26, 2014

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Hunting for some great body art, but not sure where to start? There is a lot to choose from, especially if you are trying to avoid a cliché design. Parlors and tattoo websites have hundreds, if not thousands of choices. So how are you going to close in on the image which is right for you? Why are you getting a tattoo? What do you want it to say about you? Below you will find a few suggestions which should help you get started.

Barbed wire, skulls, black dragons, Kanji symbols, tribal and Celtic tattoo design are examples of some of the most popular and commonly used images. Without any modification some of these designs tend to say, “I lack imagination and don’t care what I put on my body”. This does not mean you shouldn’t avoid everything that’s commonly used in a tattoo. Instead, consider mixing and matching up different designs. A black dragon can become a lot more appealing and unique if it is clutching onto a shooting star tattoo, or a series of key tattoos. I like to include keys in some of my designs. Separate messages can easily be put into the head, shaft, and teeth of a key. Key tattoos hint at mysteriousness, secrecy, and the protection of something important. Search out a variety of symbols, creatures, and designs which represent you. You don’t have to incorporate everything you find into one image, but you are sure to find a few pictures which blend well with others.

You may also want to consider using some Celtic tattoo design. This particular style is made up of various knots, spirals and other complex shapes which usually portray symbols of endlessness and balance. Use Celtic knots to lace around another image.

Celtic culture is a rich and inspiring source for tattoos with deeper meaning. If you want an interesting design, it would well be worth your time to do some research into Celtic lore. Just be sure you have the correct meaning to the pattern you choose to use.

Remember – a tattoo is supposed to be on your body forever. So take the time to pick out or create something unique. I love designing tattoos, and when I get one, I want it to be made just for me. Still not sure on what image you want? Think about making your own, or asking an artist to create one for you. Even if you aren’t a pro when it comes to drawing, you can still mix and match your top choices with some doodling of your own to help you flush out the idea, and make it easier to explain to a tattoo artist. Custom jobs will costs more, but it is worth the money. You are far more likely to be happy with a high quality, original design, than something you picked off a shelf.

If you think you are up to the challenge to design a full tattoo by yourself, start off with rough sketches. Once you’re happy with these you can make a more completed version. It is also worth your while to look into websites with tattoo designing software.

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