Star Tattoo Meaning

By | December 12, 2013

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The star tattoo meaning is determined by the individual star design.

Stars are already recognized as one of the most meaningful of tattoos.


This has contributed in bringing the meaning of a tattoo star to an increasing number of people’s attention.

There are various types of stars with different possible meanings.

The Star of David possesses an incredibly strong star tattoo meaning towards the Jewish heritage and is a real connection between Jewish individuals and the heavenly soul.

The Star of David is generally needed to maintain stability in your life (if you adhere to this particular faith).


The Nine Pointed star is a tattoo variation that is not seen very often.

The Nine directed star is known as Enneagram and the tattoo meaning pertains to the nine points.

The particular supporters of this faith believe that the nine pointed star symbolizes completeness. This unique meaning originates from the Bah’ Faith.

Just how many of you took part in nativity performances at school?

I’ve come across several absolutely gorgeous uses of this star in body art.

star-tattoo-meaning-nautical-starThe star from the play is the Nautical Staror North Star which is very well-known.

Sailors and others could use the stars toguide them at night to get from point A to point B safely and securely without getting lost.

This particular tattoo design meaning is centered on identifying some event or something personal in your life (good or bad) as a reference point. It is a constant reminder of what has happened previously.

Of all the star symbolisms, that of the shooting star is considered the most significant of all.

Having any kind of body art that features a star in its layout somehow is representative of life and how much we cherish it.

Probably the most popular star body art is the shooting star.


Consider however, that colors along with stars inside tats will indicate other things also.

White star tats characterize chastity while red rose star layouts symbolize consuming passion.

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