Star Tattoo

By | February 21, 2014

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Super star

Super star

This star tattoo design makes me as a super star.

Its three months old and it was very painfull.

Its just take less than two hours to make the whole body design and the tattooing.

Its designed by my friend thanks Kappan who is the greatest tattoo artist.

Pierre Reply:

Yes tattoos on feet are usualy painfull specialy on the side of the feet.

Stars really are great, their position in certain kinds of tattoo can be extremely interesting and attractive.

Stars are already found in different kind of tattoos, sometimes meant forreligious meaning or typical symbolic representation.

We occasionally have a look at star tattoos denoting optimism and goal.

Stars will also be found in body art design for either male and female of all age deeply love them.

Ladies that have star tattoos choose them because they are actually having a signification.

Additionally it will make your tattoo very sexy in case you are looking for sexy tattoos. In fact it is quite an awesome one too on feet, ribs, armsankles or wrist they will be very attractive blended within tribal tattoo designs too.

Presently, nautical star as well as compass star tattoos are actually very loved by folks who have to go through hazardous circumstances or perhaps go far away from family home, just like people serving on the army.

Previously available to seamen and sailors only, in these modern times these kinds of nautical tattoo layouts tend to be loved by males and females from virtually all divisions of the army, not only the particular Navy or Marine corps.

At the same time, ordinary people also are fascinated by the particular traditional nautical star design and style, often from the passion for vintage tats or perhaps simply because they really feel linked to the meaning of the star tattoo.

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