Star Tattoos For Men – Their Meanings and Symbolism

By | January 5, 2014

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So you’ve finally decided that star tattoos for men is the kind of design you want. But what does a star symbolize? Are there different kinds of designs available or just the five-pointed star that we’re so used in drawing as a child? Learn more about star tattoos for men through this quick list of designs.

King David Tattoo design

As these twinkling objects in the sky light up a dark and heavy night, they also symbolize a certain light in time of darkness in our lives. It represents the divine shining through each and everyone of us. They are a symbols of hope and truth. And since it basically comes out particularly at night, the essence of stars represents a struggle during a time of darkness and overcoming this period.

The meaning of a certain this design depends mainly on the number of points and sometimes the shape of its tips. Three of the most popular star designs are the Pentagram or the five-pointed star, the Nautical Star and the Hexagram or also known as the Star of David or the six-pointed star.

Pentagram Star Design

There can be two meanings of the pentagram which solely depends on the orientation. A downward facing Pentagram was seen as a mimic of a Ram’s head and is sometimes seen as something demonic. The five points of the star is a powerful symbol of protection and balance with the four powerful elements – earth, sky, water, air, with the spirit as the fifth element taking it’s place at the top of all other elements or points. It’s a harmonizing symbol for the nature of life.

Nautical Star Tattoos for Men

This has been very symbolic to sailors as they mainly rely on stars to take them home safely during voyages. The main reason sailors get this sort of design is because they believe that stars protect them on journeys in the sea. For non-sailors, the Nautical star is a symbol of guidance and protection. The meaning of this star is that the wearer creates a life of his own but the stars will always be there to guide him all throughout his personal journey.

Hexagram Star Tattoos or Star of David

This is a powerful symbolism of the interaction of the Divine God with a mortal or humankind. It has a particular importance to Judaism as a Star of David. This also has strong links with Kabbalah and is also called the Creator’s star.

There are a lot more different kinds of star tattoos for men designs that you can look into such as the Septagram (the seven-pointed star), the Octogram (the eight-pointed star) and the Nonogram (the nine-pointed star).

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