Star Tattoos – Unique Places to Get Inked With a Star

By | January 4, 2014

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Star tattoos have become increasingly favored by the fashion-forward population of today. Celebrities from rappers to singers to actors and actresses are rockin’ them left and right. It seems like the symbol to wear now-a-days.

Those who sport the star tattoo are finding new spots to put them and new, creative ways to incorporate them with their bodies.

Here are some of the most creative places to put your next star tattoo.

Behind your ear

A few celebs have done this as a way to wear body art without it being out in the open. If you have a job that does not allow you to wear tattoos or if you’re particularly image-conscious, a few stars behind your ear is a good way to have a tattoo without everyone seeing it.

The underside of your wrist

This is slightly painful, but what tattoo isn’t? If you want it to be more hidden, pick a color close to your skin tone. You can get three stars in a line or a cluster of small stars swirling around your wrist.

Top of your foot

This looks really sexy on a female who wears sandals and open shoes. There are a lot of star formations you can create on your foot depending on the shape of your foot and type of shoes you wear most. Organic, free-flowing designs that curve around your foot look best since the shape of a foot isn’t typically flat enough to showcase a rigid shape.


This area provides ample space to go wild! I’ve seen some VERY unique designs curve around the ribcage and side. The stars can start on the front of the body and curve around to the back of the hip. This can accentuate or enhance feminine curves quite beautifully. You can have small stars like a constellation or bigger shooting stars. The possibilities are nearly endless.

If you’re looking for a small design that can easily be hidden or a design that can turn into a beautiful masterpiece, star tattoos are certainly versatile enough to fit your needs. The color options are endless and the formation and numbers are totally customizable. Star tattoos are really the most personalized and versatile tattoos you can find.

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