Stomach Tattoos

By | May 17, 2013

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Stomach tattoos are tattooed on the abdomen.

Due to the good-sized canvas offered by the stomach, it has turned into a very popular spot for body art.


Another reason for its appeal is because tattoos on stomach can be shown or hidden whenever you like.

Lower stomach area tattoo designs are very easily covered by clothing during school/working hours yet can be shown off by wearing short clothes, skirts or low waist jeans.

Stomach Tats for Guys

Generally if males have tattoos on stomach, they are part of an intricate layout.

Tattoo designs on stomach for guys are often a part of a chest tattoo.


Typically, the most popular tattoo layout for guys tends to be dragon tats, which cover up the majority of the stomach.

Sophisticated dragon tattoo layouts are generally easy to find for males.

Stomach Tats for Women

You will find plenty of stomach body art offered to ladies.

Girls mostly choose tinier patterns for their own belly.


Tattoos on stomach tattoos for females usually are small and gorgeous images of angels, dolphins, fairiesstars, vines, birds, butterflies,dragonflies, hearts, flowers, etc… that offer an adorable, angelic and delightful look.

Zodiac tattoo designs can be a different tattoo variations for ladies, and generally are placed just over the pelvic area.

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