Story behind These Famous Band Logo Designs That Every Fan Should Know

By | December 26, 2013

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We may be fans of these famous musical bands, but do we actually know the story behind their brand marks?

Fans happily get their arms tattooed with their images, but do they know what these designs signify and why they were created the way they were?

Let’s take a walk down history and find out more about these famous band logo designs:

1. Guns N Roses:

This famous American rock band was assembled in Los Angeles, California in 1985 by the front man Axl Rose. Their brand mark is one of the most innovative images ever created. It consists of an image of two guns intertwined with each other and surrounded by two red roses and weeds. The two guns are seen placed on a white and yellow plate. The fonts used for the text resemble the ones in oasis band logo design. When carefully observed, one can see an image of a man’s lower body in the center of the design. The smart use of space and colors in the monogram is imaginative and unique. This is the perfect image to signify the love and hate songs that the band composes.

2. Aerosmith

Raymond Tabano, the original member of Aerosmith, is responsible for the group monogram that we know today. Although his association with the group was brief, his contribution was valuable. Their monogram is one of the most widely recognized images in the business. It is a combination of symbols from various places. The design is a letter “A” with the group name in jellied fonts in front of the letter. The feature that sets this picture apart from the rest is the image of wings that gives this design an eternal and imaginative look. This trademark was created in 1970s and contributed massively in the band’s success.

3. Queen:

This emblem is crafted by the famous Queen’s member, Freddie Mercury. It represents the Zodiac signs of the group members. There are two lions in the image that are holding up a letter “Q”. Leo is Roger Taylor’s and John Deacon’s zodiac sign. There is an image of a crab on top the letter “Q” that represents Cancer, Brian’s sign. There are two fairies on both sides of the lions, which represent Virgo, Freddie Mercury’s sign. The image of a Phoenix signifies the innovative nature of the members. The weeds and red ribbons in the queen band logo add a traditional and poetic touch to the emblem.

In conclusion, you can see that these bands may have been famous for their music but their brand marks also reflect their creative natures. Some popular images that can be found in rock group emblem consist of guns, wings and roses. There are distinct elements that combine love and violence that also reflect the subjects of their songs.

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