Sunflower Tattoo

By | July 16, 2013

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Sunflower is among the popular exotic flower tats you’ll find within many others such as hibiscus, lily, tuberose flower, orchid…

Tattoo sunflower layouts can have several meanings.

In Indian culture, sunflower is symbol of love for the sun or God. It sometimes is representing sunlight in an amazing ways.

Many people think that it is only some aimless passion for the sun.

Sunflower tats often will signifies strength due to the nature for the flower to usually fully stand up and also stick to the way from the sun.

Sunflower design interests folks because it dazzled radiant yellow shade. Sunflower will constantly place itself to face the sun’s rays. This signifies worship.

A large sunflower design serves as a symbolic representation associated with loyalty and a smaller sized sunflower tattoo indicates adoration.


There are lots of types of sunflowers, the most typical currently being yellow.

Various alternative shades consist of crimson, white, tangerine while using the darkest shade appearing burgandy.

Within designing your own sunflower body art there are numerous options.

In the event you will be trying to find a little discreet design the sunflower can be extremely attractive in many different hues or perhaps in a black or dark blue outline.

This particular tattoo design are offered also shown within a band such as layout with vines.

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