Tattoo Artist – Do You Know How to Get Started As a Tattoo Artist?

By | February 1, 2014

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The art of tattooing has been in practice down the ages. So are the skills of the tattoo artists. Tradition reveals that tattooing is an apprenticeship based art. Before you turn to be a professional tattoo artist, the apprenticeships last for about 3 years.

You have to first put it into your mind that you are making some permanent and visible changes to a human body. So most importantly, you must know the proper procedure of tattooing. Or else you may staking the health as well as the emotional well being of the person concerned. That is the reason why, you should be mastering the art from an experienced and professional artists, to avoid any serious mistakes. But, alas!! It is really hard to get one expert tattoo artist. Just think, why should a master in this trade like to share his secrets of success and talent?

Believe In Yourself: Showcase Your Talent And Creativity

Don’t be upset. “Where there is a will there is a way”. If you are really focused and confident in what you want to do, then just go for it. To impress and convince the artist, first of all you should gather all your artworks, compositions displaying your use of colors and expertise in line works. Put all few of your work into flash and make it a point to carry at least 2sets of flash ( one in black and white and the other in color ) when you are visiting the artist. Be careful that the sheets are no smaller than 14×11 inches. But don’t hurry. Take your own time and put down all your creativity. Experienced tattoo artists always appreciate good and new flashes. So, this is the opportunity to impress him. If you could do so, then you hold a greater chance of availing the apprenticeship. And a good and genuine artist will always take care that you turn to be an artist, provided you have the potentiality.

After you are done with your preparation, list down the good and successful tattoo studios. Start visiting the studios and talk to the studio owners. Avoid the time when the studio is crowded. No one might be interested in talking to you right then as they are too busy. Be sure to keep lots of copies of your flashes before you visit there. When you talk to the artist, make your point very clear that you have come not to sell your flashes, but for an apprenticeship. If the first studio refuses, there is nothing to be disappointed, but look another. Of course, remember to leave your name and number at the studio and ask them to give you a call when they need someone.

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