tattoo artists wont tattoo my head, why?

By | February 2, 2014

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I am 21 want two tattoos on the side of my head. I have asked acouple questions about tattoos and a few people have said artists wont tattoo your head, why not??? I mean its my head and I hear people even get their genitals tattooed, so why would my head be a big deal?????

Actually I know that head tattoos, although not that popular are common. Women especially like to tattoo the sides of their skulls. Sometimes they will shave the area to show the tattoos, then they will let the hair grow out again if they feel like it. One of my favorites that I have seen is a woman who has a traditional heart with a banner across it, only it says “spoiled” which I don't like so much, but it is an attractive tattoo and she simply lets her hair down when she doesn't want to show the shaved area because it can only be seen when she wears an updo. Maybe you need to make some phone calls to find the right artist. I myself have never tattooed a persons skull before, but I wouldn't refuse if I was asked, depending on the tattoo of course and whether or not it is offensive or something like that. But, it is a big deal…every tattoo is a big deal, so be sure.

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