tattoo designs?

By | February 8, 2014

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are there any free tattoo designs?

Look at pics of subject matter you like and take it off the net…varing any copyright laws…

Then take it to your tattoo artist and let him do an inspired piece off what you found. Use your personality and his talent to come up with an original piece.

2 things to remember…coping others ink is an insult and very unoriginal. Second thing, what if you were somewhere and someone says…my friend has that same ink on them or Look I got the same thing on my arm.

Come up with some ideas and pics you like around a subject matter that represents you and something you like and take it to your tattoo artist to play with using your suggestions and his input and you will be much happier with the ink.

Unless it's flash (off the wall in a tattoo studio) I wouldnt copy it…and even then I would change it up to make it mine.

Best of Luck!

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