Tattoo Designs for Lower Back

By | January 2, 2014

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Tattoos have for long been a popular form of adornment for human beings. Besides this, they have been used as a symbol of rank, right, spirituality, religion, rewards, amulets, and talismans. However, over the last 50 years tattoos have evolved more as an expression of human art than as a symbol of religious or traditional significance. In the present times, wearing a tattoo is a strong fashion statement. From tribal tattoo designs to the Celtic, Chinese, and dragon tattoo designs, the realm of tattoo patterns is expanding. This broadening horizons of the world of tattoos has captured the interests of women as well, and now there are tattoo designs specifically for girls.

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Why are Tattoo Designs for the Lower Back so Popular?

There is no other part of the human body other than the lower back that highlights the feminine grace of a woman’s body. The beautiful curves and the delicate nature of a woman’s body all converge at the lower back. Be it the wings of a butterfly or a bunch of flowers on sinuous vines, a tastefully done tattoo design on the lower back can look as beautiful as sensuous. Tattoo designs for lower back are V-shaped. They usually have a central theme located at the middle of the lower back with swirls and curls radiating out of it that blend seamlessly with the sides of the back. These are specially shaped to accentuate the hourglass shape of the female form. Besides the beauty that it gives to the wearer, lower back tattoos gain their popularity from the fact that the lower back with its large, flat surface is a suitable place for making a tattoo. Also tattoos in this area can be either hidden by clothes or can be worn sensuously peeping out of a pair of low waist jeans or bikini.

Lower Back Tattoo Ideas

With the increasing popularity of tattoos for girls, there is a large variety of designs to choose from. However, certain popular tattoo designs for the lower back are:

Celtic Tattoo Designs: The Celtics were a group of people from Europe with a rich cultural heritage. Celtic design tattoos are made of highly stylized complex patterns. The Celtic tattoo designs consist of knots, mazes and spirals. Sometimes they may also include some animal forms known as zoomorphism. Although Celtic designs are usually purely in black, colors can be added to brighten them up. The interlacing patterns of Celtic tattoos make them apt to be drawn on the lower back of a woman. This form of design also allows one to include names, as alphabets can be easily incorporated into the lower back Celtic tattoo designs.

Tribal Tattoos: Tribal tattoo designs are well suited for the lower back. The most popular tribal tattoo designs include mythological figures that were usually worshiped by particular tribes. They also include images of natural elements like fire, and thunder, or life forms like scorpions or other pictographical designs used to distinguish between people of various tribes. The bold visual appeal of tribal tattoos accentuated by thick, black curving lines and interlocking patterns have made them suitable as tattoo designs for the lower back.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs: What better than the colorful wings of a beautiful butterfly spanning across the lower back of a woman? Butterfly tattoo designs are a favorite of most girls because of the delicate grace associated with the insect. It’s association with flowers and nectar further adds to its feminine charm. The fact that a lot of detail and color can be added to its wings makes a butterfly tattoo design portray the delicate aspect of a woman’s body.

Flower Tattoo Designs: Flower tattoo designs have been the most popular tattoo designs for girls. With the leaves, tendrils and vines, flower tattoo designs are probably the most feminine of all the various tattoo designs. The swirls and curls that can be achieved out of these designs allow them to be modified according to the shape of the body. Hence its popularity as tattoo designs for the lower back. One can also include different flowers in her tattoo design as each flower has a distinct meaning.

The tattoo designs for lower back discussed are the most commonly worn ones. However, one can experiment with other less conventional designs as well. Tattoos can be worn simply for their look. Or they can also be used to express specific sentiments as each tattoo has a symbol and meaning attached to it.

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