Tattoo Designs – Tribal Strength Tattoos

By | January 1, 2014

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Tribal tattoos can take us back to primitive man when life was a gamble and only the strong survived. Being part of a tribe was the way most people survived and even then it was risky. Each member gained strength from the tribe by its support and protection. It was better and safer to come together to fight an enemy than to do it as an individual. It was more effective and safer to hunt for food in packs. There was less chance of the quarry escaping and harming a member of the tribe or of the tribe going hungry.

It was important for each person to be recognized as a member of a particular tribe. This gave them a sense of belonging and, in a practical way, distinguished them from other tribes they might be fighting. The tribal marks they wore made them part of a community, whose support and protection they needed and valued. This gave them the confidence and strength to face dangers and hardships they would have difficulty doing alone. The tribal distinguishing marks were generally tattoos. They became their strength tattoos.

Tribal Tattoo Designs

The tribal style stands out because of its strong, bold lines. Most tattoos done in this style are striking and dramatic. They are ideal if you want to make that bold statement. Even simple drawings have this effect. For example, a subject that is normally soft and delicate, such as a flower, can be transformed to a strong image while still keeping its beauty. Polynesian tattoos on arms, legs and backs send out a message of power and strength. They are ideal strength tattoos.

Tribal Tattoo Artwork

The artwork itself is also eye-catching. Many of the designs use a theme, such as a cross, animal, zodiac sign or flower and then build on that theme. The subject becomes the centerpiece of an image embellished with flowing lines and scrolls, which is often done with skilled artistry. This works very well with, say, a heart as the centerpiece if you want to wear an expression of love or to use it as a reminder of someone who gave you support in tough times or as a memento to someone who was close to you and who has since gone.

Wearing a reminder of someone who loved you or who believed in you can lift your spirits when things turn against you. This can be your strength tattoo.

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