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By | February 20, 2014

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Tattoo fade cream is definitely the ‘soft option’ compared to laser therapy or surgery, but fade creams can be a useful alternative, especially where the more extreme choices are exceedingly painful and cost prohibitive.

Fade creams have been around for a while and are designed to target a variety of problems such as uneven skin tone, freckles and blemishes as well as unwanted tattoos.  Unfortunately, as little more than an ointment, the topical application of lightening creams is a slow process which may or may not yield any noticeable results. Over time, frequent application of a lightening cream might begin to fade tattoo ink.

A course of laser treatments might run to 10-12 weeks, and be painful and expensive, but in most cases a sustained effort of laser therapy undertaken by an appropriately qualified and experienced practitioner will deliver striking results.  It is possible that those pricey fading creams might actually cost you more in the long haul and not entirely fix the problem.

Likewise, surgical options (excision) or the reforming of a tattoo design by overlaying a new design on top can completely eliminate the problem for some individuals, in a much shorter timeframe than lasers or fading creams.

The ink was made to stick

When you consider that tattoo ink is manufactured with especially large pigment molecules, designed to embed in the skin and not be affected by sun, sand or salt water (all forces of erosion and destruction in their own right) it is hardly surprising that a simple cream may have some difficulties in attacking the problem.  Instead, tattoo fading creams simulate the long-lived effects of the sun in fading discolorations on the skin.

Regular application on of tattoo removal cream might fade the sucker but if you want to see it gone, more drastic measures will deliver a much higher quality outcome.  Multiple treatments within laser therapy processes can virtually eliminate the pigment altogether, without resort to the scalpel.

Beware of the sun: fading creams and sunshine may not mix

Read the instructions of your topical fading cream very carefully as some creams are not compatible with bright sunlight. A reaction involving photosynthesis could instigate problems on the skin which did not exist previously.

If your product warns against sunlight, cover up at all times when out of doors and give your magic potion the best chance to do its work.

Is it working, or just wishful thinking?

Welcome to the world of cosmetics, it’s a tough call to work out if any benefit is being gained – which is frustrating when you’re personally footing the hefty bill for the experiment.  Treat tattoo lightening like teeth whitening and take a sample photograph at the beginning of the process to later compare.

If at the end of the day, your tattoo fade cream isn’t working as well as you had hoped, discuss other alternatives with a trained medical professional.

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