Tattoo Flower Meaning

By | September 26, 2013

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Any layout of flowers has as well a tattoo flower meaning then is generally not only an attractive design of any flowers on the arm of an attractive gal.

Flowers symbolize characteristics of entry into the world, creation, growing, everyday living, and then loss of life.

You will find tattoo layouts which characterize various points from many unique ethnicities. Within the East for instance, the particular Lotus flower provides faith based symbolism, and when you look at the West for tattoo flower meaning it will be the Rose .

As the assortment of shades found in any floral tats provide symbolic representation, the flower’s form, has a role about fertilization and for that has for a very long period of time represented femininity.

Flower body art is mainly popular with females they simply are similar to clothing add-on with the exception that you can easily keep a tattoo to sleep.

It really is like possessing some art along with you continuously. Personally, girls with tats are more attractive, more sexy, much more feminine.

The layout of an impressive tattoo will be so fascinating that it for sure stirs up your entire senses. Someone can choose to go for a Rose design blended with barbed wire wrapping it and still look gorgeous.

But once you have decided to tattoo a flower on your skin, you ought to research for the precise interpretation from the flowered design as well as what you would like it to depict. After that you can incorporate several distinctive patterns to offer amazing appearance to your tats.

I currently have put together a summary of meaning of flowers like a guideline prior to deciding to ink them to your skin.

I am unable to attest precisely how official most of these classifications happen to be, however my personal research online indicates that they seem to be pretty constant.

Flower tats are actually everlasting therefore browse around ahead of picking one.

Tattoo Flower Meaning Of


BALSAM: Passionate love.

BELLS OF IRELAND: Good fortune.

BOUVARDIA: Excitement.

CACTUS: Resistance.

CALLA LILY: Spectacular natural beauty.

CAMELLIA: Appreciation.

CAMELLIA, PINK: Having dreams about you.

CAMELLIA, RED: You happen to be my flame.

CAMELLIA, WHITE: You are lovely.

CARNATION: Enchantment, sophistication.

CARNATION, PINK: A female’s adoration, I most certainly will always remember you, mom’s affection.

CARNATION, RED: Sadly meant for my personal broke heart, respect interest.

CARNATION, WHITE: Chasteness, loyalty, nice as well as charming, genuine passion good fortune.

Tattoo Flower Meaning Of

CHRYSANTHEMUM: Happiness, positive outlook, relax, genuine truth.


CHRYSANTHEMUM, WHITE: Devoted affection.

CHRYSANTHEMUM, YELLOW: Ignored affection.

DAFFODIL “ONE”: Concern, vigor, fresh start, you are the exclusively one, valiance.

DAFFODIL ” SEVERAL”: Pleasure, contentment.

DAISY: Purity, faithful affection, I will never ever reveal to, chasteness.

DANDELION: Dedication, enjoyment.

DAY LILY: Flirting, Oriental symbol for mom.

EREMURUS: Resistance.

EUPHORBIA: Perseverance.

FORGET-ME-NOT: Real love, expectation, memories, recollections.

FREESIA: Chasteness, consideration.

Tattoo Flower Meaning Of

GARDENIA: You are beautiful, secret admiration, delight, cute loving, good fortune.

GLADIOLUS: Effectiveness associated with personality, memories, preoccupation, striking attractiveness.

GLOXINA: Instantaneous love.

HEATHER “LAVENDER”: Respect, isolation, natural splendor.

HEATHER “WHITE”: Safety, desires should come real.

HIBISCUS: Sensitive natural elegance.

HOLLY: Experience, protection, family pleasure.

HOLLYHOCK: Aspirations.

HONEYSUCKLE: Love connections.

HUCKLEBERRY: Uncomplicated satisfaction.

HYACINTH: Activity, perform, matches.

HYACINTH, BLUE: Consistency.


Tattoo Flower Meaning Of

IRIS: Perception, your current a friendly relationship signifies a lot for me, trust, expectation, valor and words of flattery.

IRIS, WHITE: Chastity.

JASMINE “WHITE”: Delicate, sensuous moments, connection.


JASMINE “YELLOW”: Sophistication, magnificence.

JONQUIL: Compassion, adore me, love sent back, aspiration.

LADY SLIPPER: Whimsical attractiveness.

LARKSPUR “PURPLE”: First of all love.

LAVENDER: Dedication.


Tattoo Flower Meaning Of

LILAC: Young, being humble, self-assurance.

LILY: Prosperity, satisfaction, chasteness, wholesomeness.

LILY”WHITE”: Purity, humble, maidenhead, splendor, it really is mind-blowing to get along with you actually.

MIMOSA: Tenderness.

MINT: Advantage.

MISTLETOE: Kiss me, love, to avoid complications.

MORNING GLORY: Adores a person.

MOSS: Love from mother, charitable.

NARCISSUS: Egoism, narcissistic.

NASTURTIUM: Victory, success.

OAK LEAVES: Courage.


ORANGE BLOSSOM: Chastity, purity, everlasting affection.

ORCHID: Uncommon attractiveness, affection, improvement, gorgeous woman, experienced enchantment, loveliness, longevity.

Tattoo Flower Meaning Of

PALM LEAVES: Triumph, being successful.

PERIWINKLE: Camaraderie.

POPPY: Everlasting rest, creativity.

POPPY, RED: Fulfillment, convenience.

POPPY, YELLOW: Prosperity, good results.

PRIMROSE: I am unable to survive when not having you beside me.

PRIMROSE, EVENING: Thrilled satisfaction.

RANUNCULUS: Glowing charisma.

ROSE: Adore, romance, excellence.

ROSE, BURGUNDY: Inside attractiveness.

ROSE, CORAL: Passion.


ROSE, HIBISCUS: Fragile natural beauty.

ROSE, LAVENDER: Romantic attraction at first sight, fascination.

ROSE, ORANGE: Same interest, show a sense of excitement.

ROSE, PEACH: Drive, appreciation, gratitude, respect, compassion.

ROSE, PINK: Contentment, gratitude, appreciation, camaraderie, compassion.

ROSE, RED: Love, desire, admiration, bravery, I truly love you, loveliness, beautiful, wealth.
ROSE, SINGLE, and FULL BLOOM: I am your love.

ROSE, YELLOW: Pleasure, camaraderie, real love, loss of love, envy, make an effort to worry, independence, ignored affection.


ROSES, YELLOW & RED TOGETHER: Contentment, best wishes.


Tattoo Flower Meaning Of
ROSEMARY: Memories, chastity, vitality.

SCABIOUS: Regrettable love.

SNAPDRAGON: Lies, supposition.

SPEARMINT: Comfortable emotion.


STATICE: Compassion, memories, achievement.

STEPHANOTIS: Enjoyment within relationship, wish to take a trip.

SWEET WILLIAM: Polite attention, delicacy.

TUBEROSE: Hazardous gratification.

TULIP: Fantastic sex partner.

TULIP, RED: Trust me, commitment of love, reputation.

TULIP, VARIEGATED: Stunning eyes.

TULIP, YELLOW: Impossible romance, there exists the sun’s rays in a person’s smile.

VIOLET: Humility, loyalty, , modest charm.

VIOLET, BLUE: I am going to always be real.

VIOLET, PURPLE: Feelings for you.

VIOLET, WHITE: Let us take the opportunity.

WEEPING WILLOW: Feelings of loss.

YARROW: Recovery, sadness.

ZINNIA, SCARLET: Credibility.

ZINNIA, WHITE: Amazing benefits.

ZINNIA, YELLOW: Every day memories.


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