Tattoo Gun and Its Parts – Types, Purchasing

By | January 13, 2014

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Tattoo gun is the most important piece of equipment for any tattoo artist. If you are going to purchase this very gun for yourself or just several machines to run your own business connecting with tattooing, you should better do at least minimal research. Here are some tattoo gun purchasing tips that may be useful for you to get high quality instrument and spend the right sum of money.

First of all, guns should be made of strong metal of high quality. If the metal is weak, it can break rather soon. Cooper, brass or iron are the best metals. They are durable and high quality. That’s why you should search for instruments made from these materials.

The choice of the type of tattoo guns is significant and we can underline five popular types of this very equipment. The difference is that you may get a single machine that will be a liner & shader or buy separate a shader and a liner.

Tattoo liners are used for inking out the outlines in complicated designs requiring careful detail work. The ink is delivered to skin through tightly bound needles of the coil-driven liner. They are used in conjuncture with shading guns. And the result shows more detailed and cleaner designs.

Tattoo shaders consist of looser needle groupings which allow the larger area to be inked with color with less forth. This instrument helps you in shading and coloring the picture on the body you work with.

The tattoo gun which design allows loading either liner or shader needle groups is alternative combination device for those who want to get everything combined.

Pneumatic tattoo machine requires compressed air to operate. They are usually equipped with electric option that allows operating when there is no ability to transport an air compressor. Neumas are lightweight and perfect for traveling.

Rotary tattoo machine fulfills the function of shader or liner depending on the model. A wheel driving the motion of attached needles makes rotary guns unique in providing such quiet process.

After you make the decision on the type of tattoo gun, you should find a company of tattoo supplies. Looking through the catalogs you’d better compare prices and study feedback information available. Find contact information and visit the equipment websites about the things you need. Or you may start shopping online. There are trusted online tattoo supplies and tools stores which offer high quality products and there will be no problems with safety and delivery.

If you are newcomer in the world of tattooing or you are not an artist yourself, you may consult professional tattoo master because he/she has probably already developed preferences for best brand of ink and the sources of high quality equipment.

If you are buying instruments for yourself, choose the style and design that suits you because nowadays there are numerous fancy designs available.

Don’t forget to buy necessary details for your equipment to save your time and get everything you need at once. We can divide tattoo machine parts into three types: parts for building new machines in the case of repair- spring clamps, armature bars, chucks, etc.; disposable items used every day- disposable needles, barrier bags, rubbing bands, grommets and o-rings; items to run the machine- foot switch, clip cords and power supply. You may get most items in the kit or buy them separately.

Compare prices and choose trusted tattoo equipment supplier.

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