Tattoo help?

By | February 12, 2014

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I'm Haitian and I want to get tattoos that really mean something. So I'm trying to find a beautiful Haitian symbol or an amazing quote in Kreyol. But all I could find were proverbs and none of them really meant anything to me. I'm looking for something powerful and meaningful as my first tattoo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I guess I can list some things but it's really what is meaningful to you.

I have 2 tattoos.

One on my lower back is the Japanese sign for the word 'eternity', for some reason I really love that word and looked at some symbols and characters for it. I loved the Japanese one the best.

The other one is on my left shoulder. It has a frangipani (my fave flowers), butterflies (which my name means), a gemini sign (which I am) on a fantasy kind of background (because I regard myself as having a great imagination and expressive thoughts).

So each to their own when it comes to tatts really if you want it to have a special meaning.

So think about what means a lot to you, when it's done you can't really get rid of it easily 🙂

Good luck!!

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