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By | September 10, 2013

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Rogue State
Despite touting a libertarian ethos and gorgeous landscape, the state has become a wasteland for human rights, unsafe for women, LGBTs, and people of color. read more

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Michael Parker (event organizer) – Wikipedia, The Free …
He also produced the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, from 1992-1994, as well as the Berlin Tattoo and Wembley Military Musical Pageant. In 2000 Parker produced the Royal Military Millennium Tattoo 2000 on Horse Guards Parade,

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This Document Describes The Indiana State Animal Health …
For animals that originate in Indiana, contact the exhibition organizer to determine the certificate of Horses: lip tattoo, individual brand, description of markings with name, or a registration number if accompanied by the registration papers. 5.

Perry Farrell And Dave Navarro Of Jane's Addiction At …
One of the purposes of the original Lollapalooza traveling festival in 1991 was a sort of farewell tour for the band Jane's Addiction. In 2009, for the first time, the original lineup of Jane's Addiction returned to Lollapalooza with the festival organizer Perry Farrell leading his old band Horses – Horse Show Ribbon Colors And Placings
The colors may change according to the event organizer's preferences, the club colors, or budget. Awarding ribbons of all one color may be more economical for a small organization. In some countries or areas, traditional colors may not be used at all.

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Special Event Organizer Application Please Complete This Form …
Special Event Organizer Application Event Information Event Name: Duration: 1 day 2-3 days 4-7 days Date of Event tattoo, manicure, etc) Yes No If yes, Vendor(s) name and phone number(s): Will any Vendors have a petting zoo or animal exhibit: Yes No If

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Wim Delvoye – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
The organizer of Documenta IX, Jan Hoet claimed, “The strength of Wim Delvoye lies in his ability to engineer conflict by combining the fine arts and folk art, and playing seriousness against irony. he began to tattoo live pigs in 1997.

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Tattoo culture and the community it has created have undergone a renaissance since the 1980s. the organizer of the event. When the appropriate time came at the tattoo contest, Luis awarded me with 1. st place for my leg tattoo and gave the crowd a

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TATTOO MACHINE " Bag" the tattoo . machine as well as the power cord. with a disposable plastic A properly labeled container for sharps waste must be provided by the event organizer. Dispose of all used needles, razors, grommets, and other sharps waste in the sharps container. Locate the

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Macefield Music Festival Rises Where ReverbFest Fell
Where one Ballard-based music festival falls, another one starts. Earlier this summer, Seattle Weekly announced that they would not be continuing it's annual ReverbFest due to declining year-over-year ticket sales and revenue. In an explanation on Seattle Weekly, Michael Baumgartner wrote, "A publication can endure the bleeding for some time, but when a pattern of declining ticket sales becomes

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On a personal note, I wish to express my gratitude to Tour Organizer Stanley Jones, who generously provided an article to the Tattoo Times in our last edition. The Tattoo Times is published twice a year by the Royal Nova Scotia International ELSEWHERE (902) 420-1114.

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