Tattoo Over Stretch Marks – Is Tattooing the Right Option to Hide Stretch Marks?

By | January 1, 2014

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The formation of scars underneath our skin causes stretch marks. Rapid stretching of skin due to pregnancy, weight fluctuation, bodybuilding and puberty adversely affects our dermis. Tattoo over stretch marks can be a great idea for hiding these scars but it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist before coloring your body.

These scars are mostly prominent among women. They especially obtain these lines during and after pregnancy, which can easily diminish their overall appearance. Tattooing over stretch marks can conceal these ugly lines. It is advisable to perform a test before tattooing for understanding the response of your skin.

Is Tattooing The Right Option To Hide Stretch Marks?

* The reaction of an old scar is often good to a tattoo. Old scars can easily retain the pigment from the ink while you should completely avoid tattooing over raised scars.

* Although, tattoos look fashionable but they have lots of side effects. They contain chemicals that can run beneath the tissue and cause stain.

* It is advisable to eliminate these scars permanently. There are various techniques such as Blue light therapy, laser-resurfacing and micro-dermabrasion that claim to discard these marks. Such procedures have side effects and hence they should be completely avoided.

* Applying creams and lotions are considered to be the safest method to eliminate stretch marks. Some of the most effective ingredients are Shea butter, licorice extract, aloe vera, Palmitolyl Tetrapeptide-7 and Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract. These constituents have tremendous moisturizing and healing properties.

Captiva is the only cream that contains all these constituents. This ointment not only diminishes your marks but also treats other skin complications such as hyper pigmentation, freckles and birthmarks with ease.

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