Tattoo Pain – What is Your Pain Tolerance Level?

By | January 22, 2014

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One of the first thoughts people have when they think of tattoos is tattoo pain. As in getting a tattoo is going to be very painful. People associate needles with pain and since tattoos are created using needles moving at a rapid speed over and over again common thought becomes it will hurt to get a tattoo. And for the most part this assumption is correct. After all, you are literally injuring yourself in order to achieve your body modification. So we have realized that tattoos will cause pain but there are a few more parts to this to consider.

Pain tolerance. Everyone has dealt with different pains in their lives prior to getting a tattoo and everyone has their own personal pain tolerance level. For some people a simple pin prick is agonizing pain; where as, another person can break a bone or have a massive injury and find it to be a minimal pain. When considering how badly a tattoo will hurt, you need to compare it to pains you have previously experienced. Like I said if a pin prick is agonizing, then a tattoo is going to hurt horribly to you. If nothing hurts you, getting a tattoo may simply feel aggravating to the skin.

When considering a tattoo, pain can be a factor that makes you either go for it or stay as far away as possible from getting one. You need to take into account your own personal pain tolerance level and where you are deciding to place the tattoo. If you take your time, you will find a place to get your tattoo that will suit you and your pain capabilities.

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