Tattoo Removal?

By | February 9, 2014

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Has anyone ever had a tattoo with black ink only and bigger then the size of your hand removed? If so, was it painful/expensive? And did the tatttoo go away or just fade slightly?

I have had a tattoo removed, with a laser. It was about $200 per square inch. The removal hurt more than getting the actual tattoo. It felt like popping bacon grease (lol), and I could smell my flesh burning. After several sessions, the tattoo is still there, although very faded. The age, amount of color used, scarring, and how deep the ink is are all factors in how the tattoo will look afterwards.

What do you mean by, “black ink only”? Is it just an outline? Was it shaded black, or solid? Have you looked into having it covered/tattooed over?

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