Tattoo Removal: A New Niche for Entrepreneurs; Dr Phil Knall of Tattoo Removal AZ Introduces New Low Cost License Program

By | February 8, 2014

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Phoenix, AZ (Vocus) March 31, 2010

In 1936, Life magazine estimated that approximately 6% of the US population had at least one tattoo. By 1997, U.S. News and World Report stated that “Tattooing is the United State’s 6th fastest growing retail business”. National Geographic reported in the year 2000 that 15% or nearly 40 million Americans had tattoos. By 2006, the Journal of the Academy of Dermatology found that almost one in four Americans between the ages of 18 and 50 were sporting tattoos. Since the numbers have continually grown over the years, the fact is proven: that even in a down-turned economy, people are still spending money on tattoos.

With the growth of Tattoo industry follows the Tattoo Removal industry. “The need is already there says.” Dr. Phil Knall, a dentist who turned to the Tattoo Removal business after discovering the growth of the industry. Dr. Knall recently introduced a licensing program for start up entrepreneurs looking to set up shop.

According to Dr. Phil Knall of Tattoo Removal AZ in Glendale, AZ, about 20% of those who get a tattoo will eventually want it removed. The demand is incredible. Consequently, we have developed a business model for Entrepreneurs across America to start their own Tattoo Removal business. “We provide training, equipment and marketing assistance to get their business up and running.”

He states that the top four reasons for tattoo removal are:

1. The name of someone from a previous relationship who is not in your life anymore. You or the new person in your life will not want to constantly be reminded of your past relationship.

2. With the economy and job market the way it is today, many candidates have noticed that with all qualifications being the same, the person without the visible tattoo is getting hired. So tattoos on the hand, fingers and neck are becoming a career detriment which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lifetime income loss.

3. The tattoo that was put on years ago is just not representative of your interests anymore. Tinker Bell may have been cute at 20 but is not so cute at 30. This category includes the ones who regret the decision to get the tattoo in the first place.

4. The choice to enter into the military has tattoo wearers also making new decisions. Tattoos below the wrists and above the collar are forbidden by all military branches with the Air Force, Marines and Navy being stricter than others. You can find the military regulations on the website

With the growing number of people who no longer want their tattoo; laser removal is the most effective type of erasure. The laser breaks up the ink into small particles by way of a concentrated, pulsating light. The body then flushes the ink fragments out through the body’s lymph system. So over a series of visits the tattoo is faded into oblivion.

According to Dr. Knall, “People need to look for the right technology along with the right technician” “At the Glendale, AZ office tattoo removal is all we do”. “We are not a Med Spa that does hair removal and skin treatments we only do tattoos. In fact our motto is “tattoo removal is not something we do, it’s the only thing we do.”

Two of the biggest myths regarding tattoo removal are that it is an extremely expensive procedure, and that it is a long, painful process. A baseball size, black tattoo typically takes seven to ten visits and a cost of under $150 per visit which are about 4-6 weeks apart, it is a relatively short process and reasonably priced. With respect to the pain, Dr Knall says, “Once the benefits of tattoo removal are realized, the temporary discomfort is long forgotten.”

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