Tattoo Removal Balm

By | February 22, 2014

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Tattoos are probably one of the most common forms of body art that many people adorn. A typical tattooing process involves permanent markings or changing the pigment in the skin by delivering indelible colored inks. Various tattoo design patterns are created according to personal preferences. There are parlors wherein professional tattoo artists provide services of making decorative tattoos by charging specific amounts.

Removing a tattoo is not an easy task. It involves extracting the ink from the deeper layers of the skin. Usually, the laser technique is used to get rid of permanent tattoos, which is expensive and painful. It is said that removing a tattoo is more painful than getting it done. It needs to be done in a clinic by a qualified dermatologist. Using a special balm to remove tattoos is said to be the current, non-invasive method in tattoo removal.

How These Balms Work

For tattoo enthusiasts, balms to get rid of unwanted tattoos without pain and at a lower cost is like a gift. If it is effective, it could become one of the best tattoo removal methods available till date. However, there are a multitude of balm products in the market, all of which work in the gradual fading process. Hence, the time required to remove a tattoo with the use of balms may be longer.

The overall effectiveness of these balms depends on several factors such as age of the tattoo, skin condition, ink type and color, and more importantly, the depth of the skin layer to which the ink is injected. The deeper the ink, the more aggressive and longer the treatment is. Hence, it may vary from one individual to another. Some may get positive responses within months, while others may have a different experience. It is, therefore, hard to decide whether these balms really work or not. These type of balms use hydroquinone as the active component. This chemical disturbs the melanin pigment of the skin, and after repeated applications of which, it helps in the fading of the tattoo ink.

The recommended frequency of usage, amount of time for leaving the product on the skin, and other directions will vary according to the brands. Hence, it is always important to go through the instructions manual first.

In order to select the best balm for removing tattoos, a good option is to visit tattoo forums where people who have already used such products jot down their experiences. You will learn which products have been effective and which have not. You should also consult a dermatologist regarding the safety of the product and its ingredients.

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