Tattoo Removal Financing

By | January 14, 2014

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Is it possible to have free tattoo removal? We’ll here’s good and bad news for you. The bad news is that there is no free laser tattoo program offered that I am aware of. The other methods, like using tattoo removal creams do not really guarantee 100% tattoo removal. The relatively good news is that it’s possible to avail of free laser tattoo removal treatment if you are a former gang member.

The earlier procedures for removing tattoos involved painful surgery or excision, which meant cutting up the tattooed skin, then sewing together the wound edges. These days, there are other options like the laser (Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation). Laser beams directed on the tattoo area disintegrate the tattoo ink, which are expelled as waste as part of the body’s natural excretion process. Laser treatment is painful. Patients compare the pain from the pulsating laser to the pain when the skin is slightly hit with a stretched rubber band.

Laser treatment takes more than one session to complete. Only a section of the tattoo is treated at a time. The gradual treatment plus the healing time between treatments are needed to give the body the needed time to dispose of the tattoo pigments that were broken up by the laser beam. Some colors, like green or yellow are difficult to remove unlike dark blue or black ink. Some colors can not be removed and slight scarring is possible. Laser tattoo removal is actually more of a tattoo reducer because it does not guarantee the removal of all tattoo colors.

The cost of laser tattoo removal maybe $500, or $2,000. The actual cost is dependent on the tattoo’s color, size, age, and its location on your body. You may be paying a doctor to perform the laser treatment but you cannot file the cost for reimbursement with your health insurance company unless the procedure was necessary for medical reasons.

While creams offer very cheap options, you should be wary of their sales pitches or claims. Be careful not to act based on your desperate desire to say goodbye to your tattoo.

Removal of gang related tattoos

Here’s the good news. Try to visit, the website of a foundation, which offers free laser tattoo removal in exchange for community service in California. If you are not from the place, the flight tickets may cost you more than a regular laser tattoo removal price. Why not check if there are similar foundations in your place. The foundation was established to help former gang members get rid of their tattoos.

You can also try to get financing for the tattoo removal cost. It’s not free but your personal cash flow is not severely affected by the payment for the treatments. After all, we apply for financing for the purchase of our houses or cars. Why not seek financing for something as personally vital as tattoo removal? In fact there are laser surgeon’s offices that offer financing or payment plans for their patients. Similar financing program are also offered by independent companies like CareCredit. If you are qualified, you can also apply for home equity loan or credit line. Be creative in finding ways to pay for the removal of a tattoo that is seriously getting in your way to a happy, successful life.

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