Tattoo Removal: Laser vs. Cream

By | December 28, 2013

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Tattoo Removal: Laser vs. Cream

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Tattoo removal has come a long way in recent years; there used to be only a couple options for tattoo removal, however, there are plenty of removal options. Two of the most common forms of tattoo removal in the world today are laser tattoo removal and tattoo removal cream. The million dollar question is this: which is more effective?


How do you know which tattoo removal method is better? Which is more worth the money? Which is faster? These are all questions to be considered when deciding which method is better.


In order to decide this, we will have to dissect the two methods.


First, laser tattoo removal. This has become the most common form of removal. What happens in this method is that a certified technician or doctor (depending on the studio) will aim a highly concentrated light, or laser, at the tattoo to break up the ink. After the laser breaks up the ink, the immune system removes the dead ink and disposes of it. This sounds like a crazy process but it is really straightforward; however, it does not happen in one session. Depending on the size of the tattoo, the color(s), the location, and the pain tolerance of the patient, the removal can take between five and twelve removal sessions. As the sessions progress, the better the laser is at removing the ink. In the past, the laser would lead to blisters, scabbing, and even scarring; however, with the technology today, the blisters and scabbing are still options but the scarring is very minimal to nonexistent.


This method is a bit costly as sessions can cost between $250 to $900 per session; if you qualify for the R20 procedure, then it will be a bit more per session (but you have fewer sessions).


Typically, patients of this method have stated that it is quite painful; however, it all depends on the pain tolerance of the patient. Most reports say it feels like being snapped repeatedly by a rubberband or splashed by droplets of hot grease. It sounds painful and it can be but that is just how things are. Most tattoo removal studios offer cooling and pain relieving options like numbing creams, ice, cooling systems, etc.


Tattoo removal creams: This method was more popular in the past but has cooled down some. The draw to this option is that you can do it yourself at home and it is painless.


However, it has been reported that the removal creams are not effective. What happens with the removal creams is that they often just fade the tattoo and do not actually remove it. It has been found that they rarely live up to their claims.


This option is not necessarily cheaper either; for a two month supply of cream, it can cost $125-$150 and you will need much more than a two month supply to remove a tattoo.


Hypopigmentation as well as hyperpigmentation are both often side-effects of the removal creams. Hypo- lessening of pigment and hyper- too much pigment.


So the choice is up to you, cream or laser? If you are considering your options and want to talk to a laser tattoo removal studio, contact Erase Tattoo Removal – a Chicago tattoo removal studio. As a laser tattoo removal studio, Erase utilizes the Asclepion TattooStar Effect Laser

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