Tattoo Removal: Your Options for Getting Rid of Unwanted Tattoos

By | February 5, 2014

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Did you make a mistake when you impulsively got that skull done on your shoulder? What might have seemed like a great idea at age 20 could seem like a bad decision at 35. Can you have a second chance so you can wear short sleeves?

Well, people do make mistakes, but you should be happy to know that there are ways to get tattoos removed. Here are some ways to get a second chance to have art-free skin again.

Tattoo erasing methods have been around for a long time. In fact, they may have been invented the day after tattoos were invented. Some historical methods included injecting wine, garlic, lime, or even pigeon dung. You will be happy that you do not have to resort to bird dung.

Dermabrasion and Chemical Peels

These may have been the first of modern methods of removing skin art. An acid can actually peel off the top layers of skin, allowing for new – and clear – skin growth to cover the scar and tattoo. And abrasion may have included rubbing the skin with salt.


Laser treatments started to be used in the early 1990’s and are probably the most commonly known method for getting rid of tattoos. They actually break down the ink which is absorbed by your body.

For this treatment, go to a professional and reliable laser removal center. A dermatologist should apply topical anesthetic and tell you how to treat the area afterwards to minimize pain, infection, or scarring.

Laser is mostly effective, though some colors are harder to treat. Repeated treatments may be required thereby making it expensive. There is some risk of scarring, but modern Q-switched lasers usually reduce that risk.

Surgical Excision

Surgical removal is less popular than lasers but it is more expensive. It is effective also. It has to be done in a medical facility under the care of a surgeon who will be better able to perform this procedure safely and effectively. He or she should be able to take steps to prevent most scarring too. Mostly only day surgery is required.

Multiple Sessions

With the exception of surgical excision most, if not all methods will require a number of sessions or treatments. However that should not be a deterrent as long as one focuses on the successful erasure of your tattoo. Even surgical excision requires time for the skin to heal.


Manufactured creams differ in composition, effectiveness and suitability for different types of tattoos and different skin types. Some people may suffer from sensitivity to certain chemical ingredients in these creams. It is wise to always check on the ingredients to ensure that no harmful chemicals are contained in the manufactured creams. Also, if allergies are an issue then check to ensure that the packaged cream will not cause you any adverse reaction. If unsure whether the product is suitable for your situation just ask, seek advice.

Can Tattoos be Removed Naturally?

The straightforward answer is, yes, but it is prudent to choose a natural approach which is also kind to your skin.

Here are two approaches:

1. Salt can be effective at lightening or removing your ink. It usually does require repeated applications, is time consuming, can hurt, and you need to be careful not to rub so hard as to as injure yourself.

2. There is, however, an even better method for removing tattoos. This is much more gentle on the skin and provides an even better outcome than the previous option. The approach is to make one’s own cream from a combination of several naturally occurring plants, liquids and oils. Here is where the best results are obtained, safely and without side effects.

This method is also much more time efficient. The cream can be applied in seconds and ideally is then gently rubbed into the skin and then left to do its work.

A further advantage is that this method is inexpensive. And preparation of the cream is simple and straightforward. This natural method is effective, safe and environmentally friendly. However it is not as widely known as some of the expensive options such as laser treatments.

Easier to Get than to Remove

A recent Harris poll survey reported that as many as a fifth of all people regretted getting a tattoo. It is a lot easier to get one than to remove it, and you have alternatives to clear your skin again.

Years ago you may not have been prudent when you decided to get a tattoo. But you can make a wise decision about how to get it removed. Many different factors will go into your choice of a removal method. These include your natural skin color, colors of the ink, the size of your design, and your skin sensitivity. It is prudent to do one’s homework and research the available options before making your decision.

Broadly speaking, there are three main ways for you to remove your tattoo: engage the services of a professional, purchase manufactured creams or to make your own natural tattoo removal cream.

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