Incredible Tattoo Stories

By | May 14, 2013

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 Stories Contributed by Tattoo Lovers Like Yourself!




Getting a Tattoo and Where to Put It!
Getting a Tattoo ….many people, once they turn the age of eighteen decide that they want a tattoo. The reason for this is because once a person turns …

A New and Improved Tattoo Ink 
Infinit Ink is a new product created by a group of scientists called Freedom-2. Freedom-2 is a worldwide skin care company that created …

Can Tattoos Be Erased?
It has been said that the only way a person can remove a tattoo is through death. The tattoo was seen to be a permanent fixture that would stay with a …

Pelvic Area Playboy Bunny
this is my first Tattoo. I did it myself at about 16 yrs old, I used a sewing needle wrapped in thread-dipped in India Ink. Slightly painful and very time …


Animal Tattoos
Animals are very popular and many people love animals. Almost every person, whether they are a huge animal enthusiast or not, has a favorite animal that …

Personal Tattoos
There are many people that get a tattoo just a means to get one and do not care about getting one for sentimental reasons.  There are also some people …

Sports Themed Tattoos
There are many people that are huge sports fans and absolutely love their sports teams. As such, there are plenty of people who get tattoos that in some …

Bob Marley Tribute Tattoo on my left calf took 7 hours in 1 sitting with my friend the very talented “ONG” from SIAM INK in Phuket Thailand

Shoulder: Military
my tattoo looks like the American flag is coming out of my skin. with my twin brothers name going at a diagonal to acccent the tattoo.

Viking Tattoo Design

Made a long time ago in Netanya, Israel  Pierre Reply:  This is sad that the picture as not clear it seems to be a nice tattoo.

“No Rain” Wrist Tattoo

I got this tattoo on my left wrist.  Its from the song ” No Rain ”  It took about 20 minutes and was mildly painful.  I got it …

Pagan/Wiccan Pentacle

A pentacle tattoo has always held a special meaning to me my entire life, so, it only made sense that when I became a male witch that I had it tattooed

Shoulder Lettering Tattoo

Shoulder Lettering Tattoo  I get this tattoo to make sure to remember that being strong is very important for life  My tattoo is quite creative …

White Tiger Tattoo

May 20, 2009. My birthday! I took the day off from work to get it done on my upper arm .  It is my first tattoo its a white tiger between …

American Flag Tattoo

I was serving in the Air Force in Okinawa during 9/11.  Afterwards, I was caught up in the spirit of patriotism, as were most Americans at the time. …

Rose Tattoos

This tattoo is a rose with the words RIP Grandma inside.  This tattoo took about 45 minutes. The most paint occurred at the bottom of the …

Flowers Tattoo

My cousin got this flower tattoo 2 months ago and she said it didn’t take too long.  She also said it wasn’t too painful which I thought was surprising. …

America Tattoo

This America Tattoo is on my leg .  It words desribing my feeling for America.  This was done in Goa, India in the year 2009, August. …

Shoulder Hope Tattoo

This tattoo, “Hope”, took the artist about one hour or so, as I had the piece pre-drawn.  I got it yesterday I love it.  It’s an original …

Beautiful Girl Tattoo

Its my beautiful girl on tattoo and it took almost 2 hours to have it done, the girl part only.  I love it very much and I got many appreciations …

V Tattoo

I got this tattoo on my wris t about two weeks ago.  I wanted to have the name of my futur wife, yes I will get married next June, but the tattoo …

Clan Crest Tattoo

My tattoo is the clan crest for the Burke clan.  It was done by John Collins (a fellow Irishman!) at Walk the Line tattoo in Athens, Georgia. …

Salvador Dali Tattoo

It’s of an airplane towing a Salvador Dali tattoo into space.  Original design.  Work done by Ben at Generation X in Daytona Beach, Florida. …

Flowers and Swirls Tattoos

This is my favourite tattoo it starts on my arm goes down my back and side down my hip ,thigh , calf and onto my foot .  It took around 12 …

Purple Daisy Tattoo

My tattoo is of a purple daisy on my right shoulder .  It took about 45 minutes to do the outline, and then about an hour and a half for all …

Paw Print Lower Back Tattoo

This tattoo is one of my smaller tattoos.  I wanted something on my lower back and a bit different from the usual celtic bands and tiny very delicate. …

Spider with Shadow Tattoo

Tattoo of a Spider with a drop shadow and a Red Ace of Spades on its back .  I got the tattoo about 5 years ago through a sponsorship by a South …

Musical Clef Tattoo

I got my tattoo in July of year 2008.  It means a lot to me because I love music!  It took about a half an hour.  My tattoo artist’s name was Talito …

Snake Tattoo

The tattoo is a snake crawling between Chinese symbols.  It took 1.5 hours at Hall of Tattoos in Norman, OK.  It was so painful, incredible …

Abstract Hip Tattoo

My tattoo is small, approximately two inches in diameter, on my left hip.  It’s an abstract design, with a heart and other calligraphy -esque …

Cross Tattoo Design

I got that cross tattoo last year for my 21 years old of age.  It was a gift from my father whom always tells me whatever you do I cant judge …

Ballet Slippers Tattoo

The tattoo I chose to get is of ballet slippers and the words “Life is a Dance”.  I chose this tattoo because I have been a dancer all …

Monster Tattoo

I got this tattoo about 3 months ago.  I love to get what make react the people good or bad.  It was made Pete a good frienf of mine at his …


This one is my 2nd tattoo.  Its a tulip on my shoulder, which I choose so I could remember that there is beauty everywhere.  It is my only …

Harley Bicep Tattoo

I always have loved motorcycles and I only ride Harley, so I got this tattoo to honor my favorite pass time.  It only took one visit to do and …

SPQR Shoulder Tattoo

Roman Tattoo  Received at Gothic Tattoo in NH  Took about 30 min  Shading didn’t hurt, the outlining did.  Pierre Reply:  Did you know that …

Tiny Cross
It is a cross made on my dad’s right hand, it took almost 15 mins,he got it in 1977.  Pierre Reply:  By my many trips around the world, I remember …

Sailor Jerry Dagger

It is a large dagger through a rose with a banner that says “Death Before Dishonor.”  It was done by Pike at Moose Tattoos in Burlington, …


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