Tattoo Style Sock Sleeves

By | January 3, 2014

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For those who don’t want to tattoo their arms but want the look of tattoos they may opt for sleeves that have tattoo art on them. The color background of the sleeves may be realistic enough to pass for the color of a real arm. You can simulate the fake arm tattoos to some degree using an old or new pair of socks. They won’t look as real as the fake tattoo sleeves though.

First pre-measure the sock to your arm by slipping the socks onto each arm. Your hands will be caught in the foot part and that’s all right. The foot part will be taken care of later. Notice the portion of the socks above the foot part or the part that gives rise to the length of the sock at the ankles and beyond. If you were to cut the foot part off, would the remaining length be too big to stay on your arm? If it is then you may have to step a few sock sizes down to make a sleeve. Once you have a sock length that feels comfortable and will stay on your arm once the foot part is removed, you are ready for the next step.

Cut the foot part of the socks off so that you will not only have a hole on both ends to slide your hand and arm through but so that the sleeve will be smooth. Tuck the end of a freshly snipped sock about a half a thumbs length into the sock and sew it down to keep the end from fraying. Don’t sew it closed. It still has to remain open for your hand and arm to slip through. Repeat with the other sock.

Iron-on transfers will substitute tattoos. Tattoo each sock with multiple iron-on transfers for more coverage. Or iron on just one iron-on. Starting with one sock, choose where you want to place the iron-on and then iron the transfer iron-on onto the sock per the instructions for the iron-on. Repeat until you are done and then move on to the next sock of the pair. A pair of socks will give you a sleeve for each arm but you can do just one sock for one arm.

For a little bit of lace above your hand or on your arm, use socks that have lace atop the sock like the little girls socks. Little girl socks may fit over adult hands and arms to make tattoo style sock sleeves but they won’t have as much length for an adult arm. You can reverse the side for the lace or rather where you want the lace to sit depending on which end of the sock sleeve you slip over your hand and arm first.

With any of the tattoo style sock sleeves, use socks to match the color of your arms for a more realistic skin color look such as tan, beige, off white, black or yellow etc. You can also apply the above to make tattoo style sock sleeves for your legs.

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