Tattoo – What His Tattoo Says About Him

By | February 4, 2014

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When looking for your perfect mate try checking out his tattoos to see if you will be compatable. Guys pick out the design of their tattoos very carefully and their choice of what they will have inked on their body says an awful lot about the kind of man he is. Yes, times change and a tattoo that he got when he was 17 isn’t what he might get today. This still says he has something way down deep inside that had he make that choice in the first place. The tattoos that men sport can read like a map of personality if you know the meanings. Before starting a new relationship check out what his tattoos are saying to you.

The cross, Celtic Cross or Celtic Knot. This guy wants to have a sense of belonging to a cause or a group of people that hold a bit of mystery around them. He is sensitive and gets his feelings hurt very easily. He comes off as a tough guy, but this is not at all who he really is. He will make a great partner and will be there for you if you are having a rough day. He will try to do everything in his power to make it better. He will take on your moods and if you are not having a good day he will not be having one either. He is the right fit for the diva or the girl that needs an abundance of attention.

The ring of thorns. This tattoo is usually found on the upper arm or leg. This guy is already feeling trapped in life and will be a hard one to pin down in a relationship. The thorns signify the sacrifices that he feels he needs to make in life. He is the guy who thinks that he was born under an unlucky star. Nothing has ever gone right for him in his eyes even if though he has a much better life than most others. He will be some what clingy and high maintance to deal with. If you are a care taker he will be the guy for you.

Mother, Mom, or a past love’s name on his arm. This guy with this type of tattoo gets attached too quickly and too easily. Not all of these fellows are stalkers but this is the type of guy a stalker would be. He falls hard for his woman and will not let go. At first it is glamorous to have someone so attentive and loving, but it soon can become suffocating if you are an independent lady. He will however be extremely faithful and would rather be with his girl instead of joining in on the guy’s night out. He is insecure and can over come this with the help of an understanding woman. You will make a good match for this guy if you have felt the grips of infidelity in past relationships and know the despair this can cause. This guy will treat you as the center of his universe and he will never let you feel unloved.

The Tribal Tattoo. There aremany different designs of tribal tattoos available. This is the smaller single type of tribal tattoo decoration. This guy is someone who goes along with the crowd. He will always take the safe bet when it comes to choosing. This man likes to fade into a crowd and does not want to stand out in any way. He lives his life surrounded by guy friends in a type of group mentality where they all like the same music, cars, sports, and everything else that guys enjoy together. His clothes are very much muted forms of the styles of today. Not an original thought in his head. He is friendly and has a need to be everyone’s friend. He is a people pleaser and for this reason and often tells people what he thinks they want to hear. He will make a good mate for the girl that likes to be the center of attention. He will gladly let her shine and fuel this with complements galore. He is a guy that will make his woman feel like a queen.

Maori Tribal Tattoo. This is the tribal tattoo that is large and done over a large area of the body like the lower half of a leg or on the arm. This guy wants to be the leader of a crowd. He loves an entourage of friends around him especially ones that look up to him, he enjoys this type of attention. He has a hell of a sense of humor and he enjoys making all those around him laugh. He sometimes doesn’t know when enough is enough and his humor can cross the line. He is magnetic and makes friends very easily. He will not stay friends for very long with someone he perceives as competition for being more charismatic than he is. His woman is going to need to be another adoring subject but one that can put him in his place from time to time. He will be hard to get alone because he loves traveling in a pack. You will never be bored in this relationship. This is the guy your mother warned you about but you just can’t help falling in love with him. He will always provide a bit of mystery in your relationship which will in turn always keep you interested.

Snakes, Spiders and Reptiles. This guy with this tattoo thinks of himself as a player. He is, or at least likes to think he is, a real ladies man. He has many more women friends than he has men friends. He is the guy who tends to over use his after shave or cologne. You can smell him for ten minutes after he leaves the room. In a relationship he needs all the attention and demands this with his moods. He feels the world revolves around him and the woman that becomes his mate is going to have to pay a lot of attention to this guy. He will in turn treat you as a prized possession and shower you with gifts. Once he finds the girl that is made for him he turns into a possessive boyfriend. It is a nice possessive though, not a demanding stifling type. He will include you in all future plans and say lines like, “you will be the mother of my children”, after knowing him for a short time. He will give you a whirl wind romance and you will love every minute of it!

The Skull Tattoo. This is a guy who is a big risk taker and is not afraid of consequences. He is the wild guy and women find him immediately a blast to be around. His lady will never truly know how he feels about her. He is a man that loves quietly but loves completely. He is not a fighter and will walk away from an argument with is girl. He doesn’t care about what he is wearing or what people think about him because he is very comfortable with himself. He is the sexy rugged guy and his facial stubble accentuates this look. He respects his mother and is close to her. This is a good thing because it is giving you a realistic look into how you will be treated in a long term relationship with this guy. The girl for him has to be real. She needs to be honest and speak her piece even if it will hurt feelings. He does like his lady to take care of her looks but he is not into the girly girl appearance for his mate. This relationship will be like best friends in love and will never be dull.

Wing Tattoos Birds, Angels, Any Winged Tattoo. The guy with the wings is enjoys his freedom. Wings can bring you anywhere in life that you want to go. They are magical and place no limits on life. This sums up the thinking of the guy who is sporting a winged tattoo. He has held many different jobs and had has lived in many different places by the time he is in his mid twenties. This is a guy who will eventually make an excellent mate because he was able to get his lusts for freedom out of his system at a very young age. When he settles down he will be solid and have no regrets. This guy will put as much gusto into his relationship as he did when he was sewing his oats. He will be loving, attentive and a good all around family man. The girl that gets this guy when his fancy free days are done will have husband material that most girls could only dream about.

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