Tattoodle Announces the Launch of its 10,000th Tattoo for Facebook and MySpace Apps

By | January 20, 2014

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Bergenfield, NJ (PRWEB) September 24, 2009

This week Tattoodle launched its 10,000th design on its Facebook and MySpace apps, as well as on its flagship My Web Tattoo site. Tattoodle boasts the Internet's largest collection of free virtual tattoos for use on social networking sites. Users can share these graphics or post them to their Profile. They can also create tattoo displays, which are user-customized collages of the company's graphics. Finally, users can personalize tattoos.

“Tattoo number 10,000 was certainly a big milestone for us,” said Mike Goldberg, head of product development. “But we're not done yet. Every week, we continue to release fun and innovative graphics. Our goal is to have something for everyone, regardless of the occasion, and to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality.”

Tattoodle features a wide variety of graphics (or, as the company refers to them, “tattoos”) – ranging from butterflies, hearts, and flowers to skulls, anime, sports, and more. In all, the app has 20 different tattoo categories, each of which has subcategories that further organize these graphics by type. Users can navigate through these categories and sub-categories to find what they are looking for or, alternatively, search for tattoos on the apps or web site.

Each graphic is an individual work of art, created by world-class illustrators and colorists. Some are tranquil, while others appeal to a more edgy personality. Each displays a vibrancy of color that makes it worthy of being a Tattoodle graphic. The majority of these tattoos are available in “glitter” and “sequin” format, in addition to “plain”, further enhancing the diversity of these graphics. The apps also feature tattoo wallpaper. These wallpaper designs are created from graphics selected from Tattoodle's extensive gallery of designs, and these wallpapers allow users to create a stunning, vivid, and distinctive desktop experience.

About Make The Web Better

Make The Web Better is a leading developer of free and easy-to-use applications that leverage the connectivity of social networking sites. The company's primary product is My Web Tattoo, which has related apps branded Tattoodle on Facebook and MySpace. These products feature over 10,000 high quality graphics and are enjoyed by users worldwide. Users who download My Web Tattoo also receive the Fast Browser Search toolbar. Fast Browser Search features algorithmic results and sponsored listings from the world's most popular search brands: Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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